Are you a hobbyist/collector?

  1. Does anyone consider themselves to be a collector of purses or a purse hobbyist? Do you ever buy a bag just to have it--never intending to actually carry it? I sometimes tell people that looking for, buying and selling bags is my hobby--makes me seem less freakish to those who don't "get" the purse thing.

    I also love to read about bags and their evolution. I have several books and was just looking through them which prompted this post. My favorite is Handbags: The Power of the Purse by Anna Johnson published in 2002. Lots of information crammed in a purse-sized book!
  2. I just enjoy handbags, since my clothes is always so simple -- black slacks and black sweater. T-shirts and jeans. Khaki and white... Very simple. The handbags spice up my outfits and bring me lots of pleasure. I am neither a collector, nor a hobbyist. Just a fashionista consumer!
  3. Interesting! Every bag I purchase, I carry! I actually put all my stuff in and try them on, walk around the house, sit 'em on the couch, the table etc. just to make sure they "fit." I do this as soon as I get them by the way.
  4. Chasing after the next great find could be considered a hobby, certainly.

    But I use all of my bags and find alot of joy in learning about them, acquiring them and sharing information at the Forum about them.
  5. As most of the bags I buy aren't high end (and because seventy five percent of them I never have even carried after about a year of owning them) I consider myself a collector. That's easy to do when your bags don't cost a lot of money. I probably have 105 bags by now. You can never have too many.
  6. OMG! This is my very first post on here after lurking for a few days, but after reading what you said, I can't lurk anymore!

    I thought that I was the only person to carry mine around the house for a few days while I got a 'feel' for it! LOL

    Whew! I totally don't feel like such a freak now! :roflmfao:
  7. I tend to sell or give away purses I don't carry actively, and i tend to buy them all the time.
    I love to buy old bags and refurbish them. After they are in perfect shape, then they are less fun. So I suspect I'm a collector. But I carry all of my bags... At least once a season!
  8. Not a collector at all, I buy what I love and it's as simple (and expensive!) as that for me.