Are you a good driver???

  1. so I see so many stupid drivers these days, makes me wonder how these fools got their old lady almost hit me today, comes flying out of a plaza and I knew she was going to do that too, so my foot was already on the break...ANTICIPATE ANTICIPATE PPL! I was in South Carolina recently and I noticed a huge difference in driving ability from what I saw, being on the road everyday) road rage and people drive slow and do not scan the traffic infront of them, they just look at what is directly in front of them..Im from Toronto, so I have the city driving skills...I also think that getting your drivers license is easier in the states...In Ontario, have to get your G1 (written), G2 (road test) than your G (same test as G2, but with hiway)...anyways I don't know why I am blabbing on and on :huh:
  2. I am a good defensive driver... but I sometimes forget to look and may cut off a person when I'm too excited to grab a parking spot or just plain oblivious... =\
  3. i am a bad driver. i am the first to admit it. my mother taught me to drive and she is horrid...i asked her once how many accidents she's been in in her life and she couldn't even count them. she averages at least six fender benders a year.

    i have gotten much much better in recent years, but am still very uncomfortrable driving in areas or conditions i am not familiar with. i also try to not talk on my cell phone, but am not so good at that either. for that reason i try to let others drive whenever possible.
  4. I hate people on their cells phones...if I see someone doing some crazy, stupid driving I always say to myself I BET YOU THEY ARE ON THEIR CELLPHONE...I drive past and guess what, they are on their cell phone......I always keep my phone calls short, or dont pick them up at all
  5. i'm a bad erratic and very aggressive driver.. in places that i know. i've grown immensely since i got my license 6 years ago, but i'm still pretty aggressive. my friends are scared to find me dead in a freeway shooting one day. haha. "Not if i shoot them first!" i say.

    i can't stand to be a passive driver. one of my friends is SUCH a passive driver it's annoying.. like.. hellooooo.. you're gonna be late! we left an hour early so we could get there early, and now we're gonna be half an hour LATE because you let everyone in front of you and crap! goodness!! grow some balls and stop letting people cut you off!

    i'm also a very bad backseat driver.

    but i'm a very good driver when it rains.. cuz i know when it rains in SoCal.. it's as if Chicken Little was running around screaming, "THE SKY IS FALLING!! AHHHHHHH" and everyone is driving FASTER and way more aggressive, and i rather them hit each other and kill each other off in an accident, than me be at fault (though, why i never think to be at fault on dry land is beyond me.. i know my car and what it can handle and the driving conditions, so maybe that's why).

    yea.. dont tailgate me, cuz i will slam my brakes and make you rear end me.. and don't try to throw your car at me cuz i will do the same to you when you do it, and cause you to flip out and swerve into the nearby telephone pole ( and i've done it.. stupid idiot in Explorer.. when the cops came he asked why i did it, and i said 'self defense', cuz the Explorer was tailgating me (which is illegal) and then sped up to cut me off and try to get me to rear end him and then finally tried to do other things and i "accidentally" swerved in his direction when he was going my direction. cop took my side and gave the guy a big fat ticket and told me to be careful cuz of all the crazies out there )

    i have a lot of driving stories, i could go on and on. hehe.
  6. i think i'm quite a good driver. i learned how to drive in metro Atlanta, where everyone speeds like crazy (i'm not kidding, they did a study, metro Atlanta drivers are the fastest drivers in the country, at any given time, the average driver on any road is going 8 miles over the speed limit), so i'm used to dealing with slightly insane conditions. the thing is, since Atlanta is growing so rapidly, the vast majority of the people that live here did not to live here when they learned to drive and have just sort of picked up Atlanta habits secondhand, which makes them not so good drivers.

    driving on my cell phone doesn't make my driving any different, either. i've been doing it since i could drive, i'm completely used to it. it makes my mother a horrible driver, but i think it's because she drove for so many years without doing it. several friends of mine that i've ridden with are fine drivers on their phones, but they say that their parents are scary when they do it, too.
  7. LOL amanda. i too noticed parents are very scary when you put a phone in their hand while people our age are ok (if they're generally good drivers anyway). my dad and stepmom are the exception to this...they're good drivers on their phone, and i think that's because they got their first cell when cells still looked like bricks.

    my mom however is SCARY. last weekend, she was in front of me at a stop light in the big city (very very random) and she was obviously lost. DH was driving and i called her on her cell to give her directions back to the freeway. in the 3 minutes i was on the phone with her she almost hit a log truck, drifted lanes while digging in her purse to answer the phone, almost got rearended because she breaked too fast for no reason, almost side swiped US when switching lanes, and turned right from a straight lane with no signal. that's when i told her nevermind, hang up and drive before you get us all killed. :smile:
  8. I'm a good considerate driver, I got my first license in the UK, then I moved to Spain and got my license their. boy !!! that was an eye opener, i had never seen so many battered cars on the road. Eventually I got my license in the U.S.
    As long as I have my music on and my cellphone earpiece in my ear I'm a happy camper on the road. :P
  9. Living in the metropolitan area I consider myself better than most.
    I love to scream at people when they cut me off in heavy traffic but they definately can't hear me the windows are closed lol
  10. I don't think I'm the greatest driver. I'm not too good at anything physical, that requires any kind of coordination! Don't worry, though, I tend to take the bus (LOL)!
  11. PS I hate to break it to you, liz, but I'm fully licensed to drive in Ontario!
  12. I think I'm a good driver when it comes to being alert and aware, but my insurance company doesn't seem to think so :shame: They have threatened to kick me off if I have one more violation or file another claim. I have been in three accidents (two were not my fault, thankyouverymuch), have had to file claims for a blown tire and when I hit something in the middle of the road - it came out of nowhere, I swear! - and have had a couple of speeding tickets.

    I do speed like a madwoman on the highway. Gotta love my radar detector! But, I do take pride in the fact that I don't hang out in the fast lane, I move over as soon as I can to make way for those going faster than me. That is one of my pet peeves, when people don't do that :suspiciou Oh, and when people don't use their blinker, then stop all of a sudden to turn :evil:
  13. I had a license in the Philippines and have a permit here that has been renewed three times I think. I just never got around to practice driving and going for my license. It expires in less than a month and I have to retake the written test now if I want to get my permit again. I've been taking the bus to work everyday so I think I won't get my license until maybe 2 years later.
  14. I'm a good driver. My dad taught me how to drive (and I took Drivers Ed) when I was in high school (years and years ago). I've never had an accident and I have only gotten one ticket ever. Did a very slow "rolling stop" thru a stop sign in a residential neighborhood about 8 years ago. The lady cop was laying in wait for me. I don't speed or drive like a maniac. I don't want to be a fatality or kill someone else! It happens.
  15. I'm an okay driver. I've only had one ticket ever (knock on wood!), and I pay attention while I drive. I've been in two accidents- only because I was rearended both times while at a stop light. I think I'm overly cautious though.

    No one is a good driver on their cell phone, no matter their age. I can always tell when someone is talking on their cell phone when they're driving. I don't get why people just don't buy the hands free headphone.