Are You A Geek?

  1. Are you? What makes you a geek?

    *** If you're afraid to admit's OK :yes: ***

    I for one am a total geek!
    I love Office Depot and generally all school supplies. I buy them for fun!

    I love the smell of new books (it's like a new car smell....I just sniff them because they smell so yummy).

    I can't wait for school to start....I organize all my binders, label everything for which binder belongs to which class, etc.

    I read 24/7...and sometimes really yucky stuff that is boring to others but I love!

    I wear glasses :lol:

    I have a Sigmund Freud bobblehead and action figure (I'm in psychology!)

    I'm sure there is more things that make me geeky (my husband probably has a list lol), but that is all I can think of right now!
  2. I am a geek. No specific reason why, I just am :P But here are a few things that others might consider geeky, but that I love.

    - I am a huge X-Files fan. I have almost all of the seasons on DVD, and the bf and I watch them together, lights off, with a batch of homemade Rice Krispies treats.

    - I love the show Firefly. It was made by the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was only on FOX for one season and got canceled, but it's a great show. It's like a wild west drama that takes place in space.

    - I know most of the characters on Star Trek Next Generation and Voyager (I blame my parents!).

    - My favorite channel is CNN, and I have a huge crush on Anderson Cooper :shame:

    - I competed in spelling bees in elementary school and junior high. I went to county competitions a few times, and placed in the top ten. I am a spelling/grammar/copy editing fanatic (probably why I chose to study journalism). One of my favorite books is "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" by Lynne Truss. It's a book about punctuation.

    LOL twiggers, I love school, too :lol: I remember before the semester started I'd get organized, buy new colorful binders, put stickers and pictures all over them, etc.
  3. Haha, yeah I'm a geek.

    My geek facts:

    -I read 75-100 books a year (which may also explain my dependence on contacts/glasses).

    -I'm in love with SciFi's new "Dr. Who" series, and have turned down Friday nights out to watch an episode.

    -My Mom worked for Marvel Comics when I was a little girl so there were always comic books in the house. I can name like 1,000 things wrong with the new Xmen movie.

    - I love science-particularly evolution. My undergrad concentration was evolutionary biology (the other one was 20th Century Russian Lit). I have a huge crush on Charles Darwin to the point that my beagle's name is Darwin (get it?-the ship Darwin sailed on was named the H.M.S. Beagle? yeah, I'm that lame).

    -I read/watch 5-10 news sources a day.

    So yeah total geek, but I'm a cute geek so it all works out in the end.
  4. WOOHOO! Geeks of the world Unite! :smile: LOL

    I am an unashamed geek. My family even called me a geek when I was younger ( in a nice way, not to be mean).

    Summer was always too long and I couldn't wait for the first day of school. New school supplies are the best! I totally miss shopping for school.

    And now I'm a total Excel (microsoft program) geek. It's part of my "real" job and the people I work with are geeks & nerds too. And we fully admit it. We get excited when we learn a new Excel trick. It's kind of sad actually.

    And I too love to read. And not always brainless books (although I like those too). I finished a four inch thick book on the Kims of North Korea a month or two ago. Total geek book! But it was fascinating to me.

    I definitely think you can fully embrace your geekiness while at the same time love fashion and elegance. hee hee

    Oh, and I wear glasses too. :smile:
  5. ^LMAO Jillybean..Thats how Darwin got his name..EH????

    Too cute!
  6. Haha, yep. I want another dog named Wallace, but that might be too geeky even for me!
  7. hmmmm, i don't think so... yes, ok i work in finance and know way too much about Excel and accounting and ok yes i read a lot too...but i don't think it makes me a geek. IMO - i'm smart and cute, dress well, have a hot BF, and of course fabulous bags! :love:
  8. I am a geek but it's hard to explain how and why
  9. Yeppers! Total geek.

    - I dont feel comfortable unless I have a book with me. Its like my security blanket. I dont even need to be reading it - just need to know its there.

    - I read Moby Dick a couple of weeks ago "just for fun". It was never a required read in any of my schooling. (btw I am 22)

    - I used to enjoy getting summer reading assignments.

    - I always sit in the front the class.

    - I live out of my PDA and again have a "security blanket" relationship with it.

    - I LOVED the show FireFly and nearly had a heart attack when Serenity came to theatres.

    - Law and Order is one of my favorite series (doesnt matter which one CI, SVU, etc.)

    - I am on the computer most of my day.

    - My husband refers to me as the walking Dictionary.

    - When I was younger I would watch Jeopardy and play along - keeping score.

    - Trivial Pursuit is one of my all time fav board games.

    - I also got excited about purchasing school supplies. Everytime school starts up and the stores have their sales I am always trying to find a reason for needing more highlighters and pens.

    Thats all I can think about for now! :shame:
  10. Gosh when I read the thread title I blushed a little!

    *whispers* I am a geek, but I don't tell people that I am. *shhh!*

    I like math (give me differential equations :heart: any day), I have pi memorized to the 10th digit (its sick I know), I think my computer science degree and electrical engineering work gives me away sometimes, I love learning about hydro power, love reading.

    But at the same time I am a cute little blonde :girlsigh: with a good sense of humor, so I think I catch people off guard sometimes! And thats enough from me, I've said too much already.

    goes off to wave my Geek Pride flag somewhere else... :choochoo:
  11. Yes.. very yes. :shame:

    - I majored in humanities, but I worked for an IT company and was one of the more knowledgable people (in a group of engineers and science students !)

    - I always sit at the front of class (but unfortunately always fall asleep as well)

    - summer time is boring, without the stress and pressure of school !!

    - I'm a ridiculously fast reader, and I'm fairly well read, although less so now that the library and I have a vandetta going on

    - I NEED at least 2 computers, one as a desktop/desktop replacement, one to carry around (I have 3 laptops right now with one out on loan in Germany !)

    - when I can't fall asleep, I double digits in my head until I lose track (e.g. 1,2,4,8,16.. etc)

    - "There are only 10 types of people in the world, those that know binary and those that don't." cracks me up way more than it ought to !

    - I was a Trekkie.. when the show was still on.

    Ugh, I feel like I've revealed too much ! I'm still hip and with it ! :graucho:
  12. ^ Yes binary digits! That reminded me of one... My BF and I were keeping track of the months we were together in Hexidecimal. It just cracked us up to tell people that we had been together for "F" months. (He's an electrical engineer) I am so lucky he "gets" me! p.s. we are coming up on our "1-8" month anniversary (in hexidecimal of course, thats 24 months or 2 years for all non-hex lovers out there).
  13. YAAA I'm not the only one!!!!
    Geeks can definitely be stylish and hip!

    Summer is soooo boring to me too! I've been off school for just over a month and am counting down to the day it starts! I need assignments and papers and structure!

    I too read the classic books just for fun! I actually bought a book that lists 1001 books to read before you die! I love it :smile:

  14. Ooo:huh: I need to get that book!!
    Is that the exact title? 1001 Books to Read Before You Die
  15. I am a geek too. Like the previous posters, I am an avid reader. Most books only last me one or two days and then it's back to the library or book store for more. I fix my own and my boyfriend's computers myself. I watch Star Trek. My worst geek habits of all are probably spending entirely too much time with anime and manga. I have engaged in such geeky anime/manga related activities as getting into heated debates about plot points, having a crush on characters, and designing cosplay costumes. I was going to dress up as Lulu from Final Fantasy X.