Are you a flowers girl?

  1. I'm curious -- do you buy flowers for yourself/to decorate your home? Love your SO bringing you flowers?

    I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm just not a flowers person. I enjoy them, but I think they're a waste of money! I've always been blessed with BFs who are generous with flowers (current BF has brought me two bouquets in one week) but I'd rather just have a plant hanging around the house that will last rather than a bouquet that starts to look shabby in a week.

    Yesterday he brought home two stems of cut orchids... they were $35 per stem. I just thought... :wtf:

    How do you feel about flowers?
  2. I love flowers! I buy them for myself quite often. They just make me happy to see them on my counter and tend to brighten my day. :yes: :yes:
  3. I go back and forth. My husband loves to buy them for me, but I would never tell him that sometimes I do think...oh my, that money could have gone towards something I could keep forever, as opposed to dying in two weeks.
    On the other hand, we have the most divine flower shop in a little neighborhood that has $5 dollar fridays. I love, love to go there and get a bouquet to put in my kitchen. They look so fresh and I go back and forth on 'loving them and feeling they're a waste of money'.
  4. I love flowers, i buy them for the house every week, and I love recieving them from my fiancee!
  5. Oh I love flowers! My house is decorated with them! My mom also loves them! I usually buy them myself.
  6. I use to buy flowers once a week for the living room, dining room, kitchen, and my bedroom. It got kind of expensive so I bought dried flowers for common areas and my boyfriend gets the flowers for my room (when he can).
  7. I like getting them but I do not buy them on a regular basis. I always get them on Valentines and occasionally my birthday.
  8. Me too. My husband has only bought me flowers once - but that's because I used to be very clear about not enjoying flowers and seeing them as a waste of money. But, getting older I see the tides are changing. When he bought me flowers this past fall they were so beautiful and really brightened my day. I think I am slowly becoming a flower person.... well maybe just a rose person!
  9. i love flowers as decoration but i'm not someone than can be impressed with flowers.
    actually i find that flowers are very cheesy and easy way for a guy to express their feeling. it's like they don't want to think of the way to impressed a girl and go for the "usual" way.
    it lack thoughts :p

    but that's just me... :shame:
  10. I love getting flowers! Although I prefer anything but roses. I do like them, but I think other flowers are generally more thoughtful and pretty as bouquets. I used to buy them for myself, but haven't in awhile. My mom is lucky because in Holland they are really cheap, so they always have them in the house. I wish they were cheap here too. I find they brighten up a room.

    However, I'd rather get flowers randomly and not for a present. lol I told DH a little while ago "for Valentines day don't get me flowers" haha because I didn't want him to waste money on that instead of something more useful. :p
  11. Mshel, DH buys these big expensive arrangements, and seems happy to do it, but I always think OMG, I could have had a LV cles, for that, but would never tell him that.....

    On the other hand, I will go to the farmers market or our local florist wholesaler and pick up bunches of flowers. In our garden, we have Daffodills, tulips and irises in thespring and roses and frescia in the I always have flowers around.
  12. I love flowers, but not on "designated gift giving days."

    I like them to be a surprise, just because:heart:
  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers. One of my most favorite Xmas gifts was from one of my girlfriends ... a year of flowers. I get a fresh cut bouquet of different tropical flowers delivered to my door every month for a year! Which is great as now I dont have to buy some for every room! Just a few. AND I love thinking of her everytime they are delivered! Great gift.

  14. What a great idea! Do you know which company sends them? I'd love to look into this.

    I buy flowers every week at the grocery for the foyer, kitchen table and guest bathroom. In the summer, though, we grow so many plants that I always cut from my own garden.
  15. I get them from DH all the time and frankly I think they are a waste. I think they are very pretty but they just wind up in the trash. He gets these incredible arrangments but I can't help but think when I get them that I WOULD RATHER have a pair of shoes or jeans or something.

    I also don't like living plants. I don't like having to make sure I water it, trim it etc... We have gardeners for outside. I just don't have time for that and I have NO green thumb!! LOL