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Are you a fan of Vernis???

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  1. I am guessing most of you like the Vernis line... I don't like it. It is too bright and seems way to sensitive to everything. I think it looks kind of plastic'y' too and more for very young people. Am I the only on who thinks this?:confused1:

    :confused1: :confused1: Can you change my mind???:confused1: :confused1:
  2. I love it..I love how you see the color before you see the LV pattern and it's one of my favorite lines.
    Have you ever held a Vernis bag? If you go to the store and play around with one, you'll find that they're really soft, smell good and are gorgeous in person. There are also colors that aren't bright like bronze, noisette (hazelnut), beige and the new color coming out in the fall which is a dark, almost black burgundy/purple color.
  3. i never was, but I AM NOW!!! i just like the accessories though (cles mostly), like rebecca said, I have to see a vernis bag in person first...
  4. I use to think the same thing as you and thought that it looked too stiff & shiny but now, I love it!!!
  5. I never paid attention to it until a few months ago. I really like the bronze and the pomme
  6. I love it too! I didn't really care for it that much until I kept seeing the wonderful vernis agendas people on here have, and that made me go out and get one for myself! The dark coloured ones are really low maintenance.. they seem resistant to scratches so far. And Rebecca is right, the smell is just :drool: You should go to the store and see if you change your mind :yes:
  7. I used to think that it was impractical to have a bag in vernis...but after getting a reade, I've really been hooked! I'm mainly attracted to the deeper hues, not so much the pastel (which tends to have color transfer...but even then that doesn't happen unless you really abuse your bags/years later).

    I know it's not as durable as, say, epi or coated canvas, but I don't think it's that fragile. Most color transfers/wear occurs after years of use and wear and tear.

    And in regards to vernis looking "plasticy"...I used to think the same until I actually looked at it up close...all vernis pieces have a hint of shimmer in them. :yes:
  8. I really like the vernis.
  9. the pomme vernis is really nice! fall in love with it and got a ludlow yesterday.. still thinking abt the Reade PM or the bedford..
  10. I love love love it, probably my favorite line in LV.
  11. I Love Pomme Vernis!
  12. I looovvee all my pomme pieces. I have the pochette wallet, cles and flat pouch and I still drool each time I use them! They are definitely not as 'delicate' as I thought they were. I have been pretty rough with my wallet and no scratches. It is TDF!
  13. for me, it was love at first sight :love: :roflmfao:
  14. I didn't give Vernis much thought until I was at the LV store and I think the Vernis accessories are adorable, but I don't know if I would carry a bag. Maybe a small pochette but not sure about the larger bags.
  15. depends on the colors, if its rich, succulent jewel tones instead of the lighter ones, I love it.