Are you a different person...?

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  1. Are you a different person...outside of the LV house here...? cute fun here...and're a bad person lol

    who are you?

    the same here and out there?


    a different person out there holding your LV?
  2. Nope I really am like what I seem just a little more quiet.
    And I hope I dont come across as spoiled, I dont want to be thought of as that :smile:
  3. I am always just me. But, I doubt all facets of my personality are shown simply though comments on here.
  4. Uhh.. I think I am the same here and outside ... at least I think I am :P
  5. im exaclty the same in real life as i am in here :yes:
  6. hmm,...i might be shy if i dont know you outside of here..but if you know me then i am loud and wild ?
  7. I'm a little more serious IRL! I don't talk bags all day...
  8. im a tad different here im very calm in real person im a firecraker. im very loud and outspoken im a NUT! lol But i calm down when im here this place brings me peace. I have 3 older brothers so i tend to be very manly . ( i talk like a guy sometimes) i dont know if i make sense.
  9. I talk about bag way less IRL. I hope we all do. LOL.
  10. as per normal me.
  11. THis is true for how I perceive my presence here / outside as well.
  12. Im a bad person.... hehehe... jk!

    I think I feel more open here on the forums to talk about my bag/shoe addiction compared to real life just because I really dont have friends IRL who share the same passion as I do for bags/shoes.

    But I think Im just the same person really (aside from openly sharing the bag/shoes thing) IRL.
  13. I'm more talkative in real life. I sometimes hesitate on the forum because when you are not hearing or seeing the person talking to you, you can misunderstand the tone being used. This makes me very careful in choosing my words, but other than that I am the same.
  14. Well, obviously I talk a lot less about LV and bags! I also have loads of other interests that I don't talk about here. General personality wise, I think I'm pretty much the same, except I'm a lot more restrained here, to my friends and family IRL i'm totally not.
  15. Funny you ask. My obsession is a little toned down IRL. This is like a secret society I belong to. LOL. I've shared my participation with a few co-workers and my brother and they all laughed and thought I was "special".
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