Are You a Designer Loyalist or Eclectic?

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I was wondering about those of us who are fanatics for a designer versus those of us who splurge across the design spectrum.

    If you're a designer loyalist, which houses are you loyal to and why? If you're passionate about LV or Balenciaga, what is it about those bags that speaks to your heart?

    If you're eclectic, what are some of your favoriate designers?

    I am eclectic - this year I have been wearing Choo, Kooba, Gustto and now Gucci (my new Positano tote in ivory!). If I were to pick a favorite designer it would be Choo - I have never seen a Choo I didn't like and a good chunk of them make me swoon.

    I love Choo's because they are so well proportioned, the leather is sooo yummy and they have just enough flash, but not too much.

    I also am really in love with Koobas these days. I think they are the best bag for the money out there right now. The design is is exquisite and the leather is so wonderful.

    Designers that I like but don't yet own: Bottega Veneta!!!!

    So let's hear about your designer favs and why!
  2. I'm pretty eclectic, too - my bags run the gamut from Betsey Johnson, to Coach, to Kooba, to Prada, to Burberry, to Juicy. I like a little bit of everything. I'm hoping for a Balenciaga this year, just to round it out! I look for classic shapes and a good size.
  3. Definatley eclectic! I have Kooba, Isbabelle fiore, Tano and Cole Haan in my collection. Im not loyal to any brand. If I see a bag I love I will get it, no matter who makes it.
    There are too many beautiful bags out there. I couldnt stick to one brand only :yes:
  4. I like variety so rarely buy the same brand twice. Or if I do, the purchases are years apart. I'll buy most any brand if the style strikes my fancy and the quality is good. I can only think of two brands I would never consider buying - LV (too generic and unimaginative) and Kooba (had one, gave it away, way too heavy and uncomfortable to carry). Other than that, I'm open to just about anything that doesn't have a price tag that insults my intelligence.
  5. I'm a big old slut, I'll buy bags from anyone. Hayden Harnett's my favorite right now (I had to call customer service and it took them awhile to go through all my orders to find the one I had a question about, so embarrassing!) but I also have Belen Echandia, McQueen, vintage Gucci, Coach, etc.

    I'm intrigued by the women who only buy LV or only buy Balenciaga, but I can't imagine being one of them.
  6. Eclectic and loving it. I have
    2 LV's, the classic Speedy Monogram, and a blue Epi Petit Noe (ADORE these)
    Gucci messenger bag (I use for travel: hands free & stylish)
    Fendi black logo shopper (use it every day for slouchy chic)
    Black Mulberry Rosemary (my ladies who lunch bag)
    Burberry tote Novacheck pattern (great for casual, hot days...)
    Celine Boogie in Monogram Denim (love it!)
    Gold 24 Heures by Gerard Darel (tres cool)
    Brown Faridah by Marc Jacobs (too big and clunky, my only mistake)
    Brown Il Bisonte flat tote (love the minimalism!)
    And have my eye on a Lanvin Kansas, Gryson, Anya Hindmarch, more Mulberry, more Gerard Darel and Belen Echandia. I'd like an R&Y Agousti clutch/wallet. I would buy a Coach or Ellen Tracy if I saw something I liked.
  7. I admit it. I am fickle and can be wooed with chocolate.
  8. I'm eclectic - I have HH, Botkier, Gustto, Chloe, Be&D, and probably one or two others that I can't think of right now. I tend to obsess over a brand until I have one though. Right now, I'm drooling over Miu Miu and Balenciaga!
  9. I am just beginning to get out of my Kooba rut. I love this designer and own 8 of them.

    But sometimes my eye is drawn to others, so I now consider them, designers such as Gustto and Tano are on my list as are Lesa Wallace.

    It is fun to have variety.
  10. I love all bags, and my collection includes LV, Kooba, Bulga (my current favorite), Coach and Michael Kors. I could never be monogamous to one designer!
  11. I'm eclectic, somewhat. I like lots of different designers, but it seems like every time I find a new one I like, I want to buy one of everything!:nuts:
  12. Eclectic for sure:
    2 Coach; 1 Marc Jacobs Sofia; 1 MbyMJ (don't know the name of the style-pretty rasberry sorbet color); Ellen Tracy; 2 Anna Corinna: drawstring hobo in tobacco and my personal favorite, the mini city in butterscotch.

    ok how warped is this? I was trying to remember the name of another bag (Donald J. Pliner canvas and leather tote) so I looked in my closet and realized I have another Coach and another Marc Jacobs that I forgot all about.....You know, I think I'm glad I stumbled on this thread because there is a message in all this: I DON'T EVEN USE THE BAGS I HAVE SO WHY GET MORE????? It seems all I use now is the A.C. mini city but when I get tired of it, I should just GO SHOPPING IN MY OWN CLOSET!!!! I am absolutely STUNNED!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: and NOT in a good way!! AM I ALONE IN THIS???
  13. Variety is the spice of life! I have a scrumptious messenger bag from Old Navy that I carry to the amusement parks and I also have LV. I like it all!
  14. Eclectic girl here!! Just check out my bag collection in my autosig below ;)
  15. I own a ton of bags....I have Coach, Cole Haan, Marc Jacobs, MBYMJ, Botkier, kate spade, LV, and some old Dooney. I would say I love Coach, Marc Jacobs and LV the best.