Are you a Damier or Monogram lover?

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  1. Damier always struck me as a more mature pattern meant for an older generation but recently, it's growing on me. Just wondering what you all think of Damier v. Mono.
  2. I love Damier. Most people do not even know it is Vuitton and I like that. Plus I hate Vachetta.
  3. i'm a HUGE fan of damier!
  4. I love the mono. I used to really dislike the damier, but I am starting to appreciate it. I saw a lot of people with it today and it looked good - and I really like it in some of the newer purses. Maybe that is because I am getting older? :P
  5. My first love was Damier. But I've learned to love Mono. Now I'd say they're about equal lol!
  6. I love mono, but am slowly working my way over to damier, but my first love will always be multicolor
  7. I love both but I really love damier when it's raining outside!!! LOL!
  8. I always have and always will love Mono, but lately I'm appreciating Damier more. Probably because I don't own anything in Damier and can't afford a new purchase at the mo. AGONY!!! I just sit here at look at all the lovely bags tPF members have and thankfully share on line. Especially the Damier Neverfull and maybe Speedy 25? More for the lottery list!
  9. Love them both! Both have unique styles that each don't have, like the Monty, Chelsea, etc.
  10. i honestly like both....ahhh...
    i'm probably more of a monogram lover right now (maybe b/c i'm still young), but when i want to go for more of that sophisticated look, i go for the damier...LOL. so..maybe when i'm older later, the damier will be my number one choice :smile:
  11. Monogram. I like the selection of Mono bags compared to the Damier. I just prefer my Damier in smaller pieces, like accessories. Although I love the Saleya, Speedy, and Trevi. However, the other bags (especially when it's only in Ebony color) seem too old for me. I'm still young so I like the bag to look as young as possible.

    Then again, I'll most likely go for Damier Azur if that's the case.
  12. I used to love monogram, but slowly grew out of it and now my love is damier. Damier is so classy, and the best thing is, you don't have to worry about vachetta.
  13. Both! :nuts:
  14. I love Mono, not a big fan of Damier but would like to eventually own a Damier bag.
  15. Damier is a lot more subtle. I prefer it slightly.