Are you a color or neutral person?

  1. I find I am drawn to colors and buy them on impulse, but wear the neutrals more often because thet seem easier. I am still sorry I didn't buy a certain pink ostrich Kelly I tried on, although it might still be sleeping in my closet if I had. Which do you wear most and which sit around waiting?
  2. Definitely a color girl here... Blue Jean, Chartruese, Raisin, Thallassa..

    but I have a few neutral H bags as well...

    I only wear the Neutrals when I have too much going on with an outfit...say a print or whatever. Mostly I dress monochromatically though and reach for a punch of color..
  3. Definately neutral, but experimenting with color in accessories and scarves.
  4. color girl here but gets drawn to neutrals depending on my mood
  5. both. But I have to admit, I wear quite colourful clothing, normally, so I have tended to buy neutral coloured bags. Having said that, my vert anis is one of my FAVOURITES!
  6. I have learned the hard way - neutral kinda gal!
  7. For my handbags, I'm all about neutrals. My color comes from my beautiful scarves. I don't like the eyes to be trying to figure out where to look-bag or scarf. That being said, I love Hermes' leather in colors and hope someday to be brave enough to venture outside my neutral comfort zone for handbags.
  8. Definitely a neutral gal!
  9. Oh, Peli, I hate learning the hard way!
  10. Oh, I'm definately a COLOR girl, here!!!!

    I love all shades of browns and blacks!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
  11. Defiantly color but the Hermes i would get would defiantly only be neutrals, the amount of use I want from it would require it is neutral. I'm looking to get a small accessory that bright. (gezze i don't even have my belt yet and im already shopping for the next one!)
  12. Neutral but I love the coloured ones too! If money were no issue I´d get both.
  13. I'm a COLOR kind of man...Bright or Dark! Specially...Hermes Orange #1, Rouge Garance, Raisin, Vert Anis, Blue Jean or Brighton Blue

    Maybe, Neutral like Etoupe, Potiron, Gold.

    Not into Black, Brown or White bags..But definitely Grayish/Metal shades like...Graphite or Antracite.
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Another neutral girl here. I carry neutral bags because I like bright, loud clothes. My sweaters and blouses are all shades of lime, fuschia, orange, yellow, and pink. And I love prints so a colored bag with my wardrobe may be a bit of an eyesore.
  15. I love a mixture of both. I am part the conservative/neutral gal and then I love color!