Are you a collector?

  1. What do you collect? Name the most expensive piece in your collection and how much is worth.

    I collect Swarovski Crystal and Precious Moments. I own the Swarovski Crystal Giant Mallard, retired, approx. $5,000
  2. i collect victorian jewellery.
    i have a garnet and marque silver bracelet which is my fav piece and is worth approximately £3,000. the rest of my collection is mainly silver peices, pendants and things.
  3. i collect refridgerator magnets and postcards from places i've visited. they're easy to store, relatively inexpensive, and a great way to bring back memories of fun trips. in the postcard collection i think i paid $2.50 for a sparkley cinderella castle one at disney world. the magnets...a tie between a cape disappointment lighthouse one or a stainless steel nasa one from kennedy space center both $4.50. :smile:

    i also have a comic book collection, but it's mostly new stuff. i don't buy them to collect....i just end up with a collection b/c i don't give them away after i'm finished reading them. the most expensive individual comic book was $3.99 and the most expensive collection book was spiderman death of the staceys for about $20. i'm hoping to get the ultimate spiderman omnibus hardback for my birthday though....that runs about $60 i think.
  4. Wedgwood (the older, the better)! Got a good deal on a piece & it was still $800ish.

    Collect Oil Paintings...again I scour for deals so most expensive was $400ish.

    Collect LV cles'. Don't use them. Paid $700 for the Murakami Panda Rond.

    I collect antiques in general & have been lucky to inherit a bunch & again scour for deals...$600 for antique chandelir (gothic & gorgeous). $500 for caramel alabaster compote w/ carved birds.

    I think those are my priciest items! Its all the $100-200 items that add up!
  5. Furniture. I just got a hand-carved chinese legal-desk from about 1880(?). Not really sure. I have no idea what it is worth. Some relatives are getting divorced and I swooped in and carted away a whole bunch of furniture and artwork. To go with my other furniture and artwork.
  6. I used to collect comic books... x-men & wolverine, though not anymore & I have no idea what (if anything) they're worth now.

    I also collected Pikachu dolls, but I was picky about acquiring them... they had to be "cute" and look exactly like the anime.

    But, right now, I collect Cinnamoroll stuff from Sanrio...especially pens & pencils....which is a lot easier to get, and makes it easier for other people to gift me with stuff b/c they know what I like!
  7. i only collect handbags..does that count?
  8. i collect the following:

    BLING (or rather pictures of bling...)

    you get the idea....
  9. Retro/Vintage black velvet paintings
    Retro/Vintage furniture
    Retro/Vintage coffee pots
    Retro/Vintage sun burst clocks
    Retro/Vintage advertisements and clip art

    Not sure about the value, but the stuff makes me smile.
  10. if they are considered "collectibles" so the answer is yes! :pfor example, Gucci blondie bags are considered collectibles. A white Gucci bowler (like mine in my avatar) went for $1,700 about three weeks ago on eBay.
  11. I collect Estee Lauder powder compacts (the gold, jeweled ones, not the plastic ones:p)

    I have a few that were never released for sale to the public, so I guess you can't put a price tag on them, but most of them are recent releases (5 years or so), so the value probably hasn't gone up too much. But I like them anyway:smile:
  12. I went through this stage (during my Disney World trip and a little while afterwords) where I was obsessed with collection the Disney pins. Does anyone know what I'm talking about LOL? Well anyways, I got about 100 of them and then I just got bored with them. So now they're sitting in a box somewhere in my closet LOL.

    Most expensive? I remember getting one that was around $20 LOL - not too expensive.
  13. I don't really collect anything except maybe bags or shoes, but I really don't have that many.
  14. I have a collection of Moorcroft pottery and a few pieces of Loetz art glass. I haven't added to my collection in years. The older pieces I was most interested in became too expensive to buy. I know which piece in my collection is the most rare, but I'm not sure how much it would auction for if I listed it with a major auction house.
  15. I currently collect bags.. the most expensive I think is my Black MC Speedy.
    I use to collect stationary, stickers & shopping bags. Hmm.. my ex also started me on a Precious Moments figurine collection.. I haven't continued though since we broke up.