Are you a collector or a user?

  1. I love balenciagas and have bought many in the past but also sold them too. Do you tend to use these bags as everyday or collect them, locked in the closet:biggrin: . I am definetely a collector. I will use them for few days then put them in their dust bag. Since, I have a toddler.. I am always afraid something might happen to them.
    What do you do?
  2. I use my ink City almost all the time. Sometimes I switch out, depending on my outfit, but the City is currently my "go to" bag.

    I think I asked you this before, but what is the puppy in your avatar?
  3. I am a user! I love all of my bags, but I figure if I'm gunna put down a paycheck to pay for something I want to get good use out of it! But at the same time, I do have a few rare limited edition bags. I still use those, however, I feel as though they are collectors editions & will love them even more! And, of course, if something were to happen, I could hopefully take advantage of this fact & make some money.
  4. i definitely use mine.
  5. The puppy is a pekingese mix.
  6. Sooo cute :love:
  7. i'm totally a user - not that i can carry all my b-bags around with me at the same time... but i just like to change colours once in awhile... :smile:
  8. Both! I use most of my bags, but I have a few that are just "to have" - or they get used very rarely. I like to look at them, though, so I keep them where I can see them - but out of the way of the kitties...
  9. I only used my bordeaux First 3X since I bought it this Feb so I guess I'm more of a "collector." I enjoy taking them out and smell them. :lol:
  10. It depends on which bag. I'll use my eggplant bags on occassion. I haven't used my calcaire much though. But I am dying to use my new dolma day and indigo first but SO has no clue that I have them so right now they are forced collector's items. :shame: :lol:
  11. Balenciaga’s are the first bags where I’m actually considering the same style in different colors – so part of their appeal is definitely the collecting and 'the hunt' for pretty discontinued colors :amuse: :shame:

    But I love to use them all, and am not too worried about ink for instance looks better now a little 'worn in' than when it was brand new :smile:
  12. i am definitely a user and rotate my bags so "everyone" gets their "turn" :lol:
  13. Hmmm I'm a bit of both but would never keep these beauties hidden away in my wardrobes!
  14. I guess Im a collector that uses. I do lots of swithching around.
  15. I'm more of a collector.. every bag that I bought have a sentimental value. So, it's really hard for me to sell them even though it's been sitting in the dust bag for ages... And I like to switch them once in a while when I'm getting bored using the bag that I currently use.