Are you a Collector or a True User?

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  1. Since I discovered TPF, I've become totally addicted to Coach! I used to love it years ago, but the leather bags became so heavy, I moved on to something else. Anyway, about 6 months ago, I started to see Coach everywhere & somehow found TPF, and now here I am, a total Coach addict!

    Ok, call it funny/crazy/whatever, but I just love going into the boutiques & outlets & it seems that I love so many things! I've purchased quite a few things recently (a few bags & way too many accessories!). I recently laid them all out & was trying to decide on what I really wanted. Then it hit me! After all of my purchases, I'm still using another name brand bag! And I also thought, "what am I really going to USE?". It seems like it's almost the thrill of the hunt sometimes, KWIM? It's like, I love finding & buying stuff, but when it comes to the commitment of cutting off the tags & actually USING the bag, I stop short! :confused1: I don't know what's up with that! I think I need an intervention!

    What I finally ended up doing was this:

    1. tried to figure out what I truly loved out of what I'd purchased, instead of just really liking things. I'm trying to be practical, but if I love it, then it makes the cut.

    2. tried to figure out what I truly loved on the Coach website

    3. made a list that I'm carrying with me, so I know what I should buy next time

    Does anyone have a cure or an explanation for what's happening? Am I just a Coach addict & I need to learn to accept it? :wondering
  2. I use and abuse all of my bags! I'd rather see my money hanging on my arm instead of sitting in my closet!
  3. Its easy to get swept up in it. Especially seeing the pics of all the lovlies that everyone shares. I tend to go to the same 3 Coaches right now, Carly, Ali and Soho tote. But I am trying to carry the smaller ones on the weekends so that they get in the rotation too. I am really using my scarves this spring/summer. I just love using them as a headband (and it makes it look as though you were putting forth a lot of effort lol)
  4. ITA. If I don't use it, I give it to a friend or sell it.
  5. I only have 2 right now and some accessories but I will use all of mine!
  6. OMG I have literally probably 100 purses. Not all Coach -- not even 1/2 Coach. I buy and buy and buy and buy. I love to shop! I have a bag for every occasion imaginable. Sadly, some of them never even get used. I just love having them. Maybe it makes me weird but I just like owning them :smile: I go through purse phases .. but generally I use a bag for a month or two, then switch to a different bag. I have just stopped using my pond shoulder bag *gasp* because I got a very cute kathy van zeeland white bag with a ton of buckles. I am fairly certain, though, that I will be heading back to the pond legacy shoulder very soon. I :heart: that bag. Others in my collection haven't fared so well - my resort fish carryall bag that I HAD to have for instance - I carried it for a few weeks and now it's just sitting there. In any event, I guess I'd have to say I'm both a collector AND a true user. The bags I use seriously get used. The bags that I buy and never carry for whatever reason simply become part of my collection.
  7. I'm a bit of both. I fall in love with a lot of Coach bags, but only use a couple of them. I am the same way, when it comes to cutting off the tags I just can't bring myself to do it on some of them. It's like I'm commitment phobic or something. So I collect a lot of Coach stuff, with the eventual plan on using them, but it takes me a really long time to be able to remove the tags and use the bag. Weird.
  8. I have a fair number of Coach bags and accessories but I try to use everything. It may take a while to get to something and there are a few things in my closet that have been sitting unused NWT for several months but eventually I'll work everything in. I like many many styles and colors and like changing them out.
  9. I think of it as wearable art. Even if they are sitting in your closet, if you can see them every time you go in your closet they are worth it - hey, all a picture does is hang on the wall. At least a handbag you can use if you want, even if it's only once or twice. As far as cutting tags off, I don't. I pull the plastic thing apart but don't cut. It makes me feel better. And I save all the tags, cards, etc in one place.
  10. I can't classify myself as either, much to my dismay! I purchased and received as birthday gifts a total of 6 different purses, and have only carried two of them. I buy with the intentions of using them for the upcoming season, but by the time fall rolls around, I'll be bored with them.

    I do make a point of finding a new home for any of my unused purchases, including clothing and shoes, by dropping them off at a shelter that aids battered and abused women. I sometimes think I intentionally purchase things for this reason. It feels good to play a part in bringing a smile to the faces of the women there.
  11. Bit of both, I guess. I try to use them all throughout the year. I love when I think I'd like to have a bag that looks like this and that, open my closet and, voila!! There's one of my Coach bags like that!!!! It's like getting it all over again.
  12. i think i know excatly what you mean!!! i buy tons of coach bags and accessroies....BUT i cant remember the last time i carried a coach bag :sad:

    but i still have them JUST in case!
  13. I'm a little of both too - I tend to use my bags, and if not, they go "up on the block" (i.e. my ebay frenzy this week!).
    I tend to be a little more of a collector in the accessories dept. For example, I have this adorable coin purse that I'll probably never use, but I can't part with it!
  14. I strive to take a few moments out of each evening to pick a bag to use for the next day that's different from the one I'm using today. this was hard at first but now I get wiggy if I use the same bag more than two days in a row!

    the idea is to USE and ENJOY my bags. I spent my hard earned money on them, so they are going to get out there and not sit idle in my closet. If they are, they need to get sold or go to the Goodwill pile.
  15. I try to use all my bags, depending on what I'm wearing... but I tend to use the latest one the most. I usually wear it about a month or so before I decide to switch it lol.