Are you a Coach know-it-all? Help me find a bag!

  1. Hey all, I'm new here. I recently purchased my first coach bag (the adorable signature stripe pouch in khaki/chocolate: and I lurves it.

    Recently my mom saw a bag that her friend was carrying, a Coach one, and she really liked it. It's a bit bigger than mine with a similar shape (about the same proportions as the pouch), totally black, same material as mine but you can still see the C's (the C's are a slightly different black than the material though so you can read the C's). And it also has a zipper on one side. Does anybody know which one I'm talking about, and more importantly, where I can find this?? Gah it's been driving me crazy and Google has been no help... :push: I will love you if you can help me out.
  2. hey lolitablue, thanks for the effort but it's not that one. I forgot to mention it's discontinued (it's not on coach's website) and also the one you posted is a lot bigger than what I'm looking for. It's really only a tiny bit bigger than my pouch. :smile:
  3. i really dont know what you mean by zipper on the side. is it like the zipper on the front of the hampton's bags....on the side like where the handle goes from one side to the other? was there a turnlock? i need some more info.

  4. I JUST SAW that at the store this weekend. I just got the same style bag you have, though, the Signature Stripe Demi though instead of the pouch, but I got it in black! Gorgeous. Congrats!
  5. Is it the one like mine (second one in the first row)?
    If so, I got it at the outlet last year sometime. I think at my outlet they still had some...

    ETA: nevermind, I see you found it already...