Are you a Classic Chanel girl?

  1. Do you go for the classics such as flaps, gst, styles that will always be around or do you like the LE seasonal funkier styles? I myself am starting to like the flaps which I thought I never would:nuts: . Before it was only the newer more casual Chanels that apealed to me. What about you ladies?
  2. I am partial to classic styles in just about all brands I go after. I like to keep my bags and other things for years without having them look seriously dated.

    I absolutely ADORE the classic flaps. I am going to be purchasing the jumbo in about a month! : )
  3. Both, but the newer styles a bit more. Every season there are several I "need."
  4. I'm in between.
    I don't own a true Classic Chanel yet, but my pieces aren't considered funky or LE really either.
  5. I like them both. I have some pretty edgy bags, but I also have some classics.
  6. I adore classics!! I also love Chanel totes (cotton club, vintage ligne, modern chain etc.), but I have always loved classic flaps and can't see myself stopping (or stop wanting to buy them haha). Plus, seasonal colors are a fun twist on the classic flap (coral, the red from '05, violet, etc.), which is the best of both worlds for me! :smile:

  7. I generally collect the classics. The only funky chanel I have is the baby cabas and I really had to debate whether it was worth it since it's not a classic. But I do love it as much as my classics.
  8. I usually go for the classics,. I do that with clothes and shoes as well. I dont like to be part of an ERA TREND.Thts just me though
  9. Classic all the way :smile:
  10. I like both. I like classic bags with a little modern egde to them.
  11. Do you think the cabas will be a classic? I mean we always think we cant go wrong if its a Chanel, always in style ect. But with all these styles coming out ,I think we are now defining the new classics.
  12. I love pretty much everything , but classics rule.
  13. I was first attracted to Chanel by the newer funkier styles but am now appreciating the classics more and more. I like a bit of both!
  14. I just got into the Classics. I got a jumbo flap and timeless clutch, both in black caviar. Also, is the large cambon tote considered classic???
  15. My Chanels are pretty classic, which I prefer. I guess I figure that if I'm going to spend that much on a bag, I want a classic style that will last for years, not as long as the latest trend.