Are you a chronic buyer/seller/returner? I am. **long**

  1. Ok- so I know I can post this here and most of you would understand my situation.

    It all started about 5 and 1/2 months ago. This purse fetish. I went into our small town department store (Gottchalks) and drooled over all the Dooney's they had in stock, and after 3 weeks finally got me a $285ish Pebble grain slouch. Felt complete.

    My friend has a Coach purse and I had no clue about Coach, their prices, lines, colors and so forth..... checked out once and then at least everyday until Christmas... when I got my Coach Legacy in whiskey from my Dad...... felt more happier than ever and ever!!!

    And then I wanted a double c purse, I don't know why, just thought it'd be nice to have one, my DH was questioning why would I when I already have two nice bags..... so, began the selling. Sold the Dooney, got a fair price on eBay for it.... (I'd never sell the Coach my dad gave me, still got it)

    Then, I got my multi-perforated Coach and then the wallet that matched.... *liked* it but didn't *LOVE* it. The small multi-perforated was too, held on to it, tried to sell it twice on eBay and it didn't sell.

    Well.........after many hours of doing general searchs for purses on eBay all these LV's kept on popping up.... then I saw the Papillon 26! Fell in love with it online..... until it came in the mail! TOO SMALL AGAIN!! *sold it* and bought a Petit Bucket on eBay~~~ loved loved loved the idea that I got a pochette with it, kinda like 2 for 1 right!?

    Then the serious LV habit started....... picked up a Manhattan through an offer war with a reputable seller on eBay. Of course all these LV's were authenticated by MyPoupette and all of a sudden I had TWO LVs.... noticed I used the Manhattan more because I love the huge brass buckles, talk about bling-age!! haha~

    I picked up a Ludlow somewhere along those lines, but soon enough........ saw the Azur speedy 30, fell in love! Still in love! Bought the koala, pochette, cles~~~

    Sold the bucket, ludlow, and coach perforated to a reseller........... bought the Hampstead MM but I knew this was a trial since I can't actually go to an LV store and try it out...........sending that back tonight......

    and now..........what's left is my Manhattan, Azur pieces sans cles (pomme is going to replace it) and a Ursula scheduled for delivery tomorrow by 5pm.....


    I feel outta whack because the pattern I've gone through to get where I'm at.........but I've gone from used pieces, to brand new pieces and it's not like I'm using new money, I'm using a "rotating" fund.....

    I just needed to type it out. Thanks for reading/listening........
  2. oooo, and the accessories don't count....... they are mine forever no matter if I end up completely LV bagless (which I seriously doubt..........)

    accessories like the inclusion, bandeau, pastilles......
  3. I actually never return or sell anything because if I did I would miss the item I got rid of and wind up buying it again for probably DOUBLE the price on e-bay!! LOL
  4. I can totally understand where you're coming from. You have been bitten by the LV bug, so you do what you have to do to get your fix. LOL You're braver than I am in buying/reselling through e-bay. Good for you!!
  5. well..I can understand why you would becuase you don't actually get a chance to try them on in an actual boutique. I'm kinda in the same boat, it helps with this forum that I see visual aids and what it would look good and how much it fits. That is pretty much my guide post to my buying.

    I don't think it's a problem to buy and gotta love what you have!
  6. That was an iteresting story! I usually buy something from the Louis Vuitton boutique - use it a few times and sell it on eBay. Although you have been busy in those six months! :p
  7. wow, it's been a whilrwind of a 5 1/2 months for you but i understand what you're talking about because the LV bug is a tough one to deal with since the prices are so steep. it's a never ending cycle of funding the latest and greatest one that you fall in love with. i know a few people who fall into this routine. i personally have never returned a bag after i got it but it's because i have the opportunity to try things on in person and really think it through with the bag in my hands/shoulders whereas you don't have a store to walk into to check out the bags. i think it will come to a point where you will be happy with a particular collection and won't find a need to switch out the old for the new. good luck to you!
  8. Im scared with ebay and it seems like a hassle buying and selling (plus you might lose money) so I just analyze like crazy before purchasing. Drives me nuts because im constantly thinking about lv, lv and more LV. :nuts:
  9. Thanks everybody- I just needed to spell it out for somebody to read since my DH doesn't understand.

    I think the biggest reason I do return/sell is because the bag does not do it for me like I thought it would have. Now- I've finally come to a pitstop between keeping the Ursula (which hasn't even come here but will be here by 5pm tomorrow) and selling the Manhattan--- or returning the Ursula and keeping the Manhattan.

    Obviously the Manhattan has become special to me. Thanks again everybody. I'll post pics of the Ursula tomorrow- even though there are other pics, I think it's cool seeing it when the canvas gets "cut" at different colors- kinda like a whole 'nother bag!? p.s.- the azur is never leaving me. it's my first speedy and that's super special!

    p.p.s.--- if I do sell the Manhattan, that means I would get a MC Black Koala---- which would leave me with two sets, one black MC and one azur. Plus my ole faithful Coach shoulder in whiskey.

    (do I sound like I've already made up my mind? because I'm soooo not even sure......)
  10. i could never handle the stress
  11. I'm a chronic buyer haha but I don't sell or return. I've only reurned once and that was the BIGGEST mistake I have ever made!
  12. I think that your biggest issue is that you can't try anything on because there isn't a LV store in Alaska. So, you have to buy it and then wait for it to finally ship up to AK and then see if you like it. I totally understand -- I only buy bags after I have seen and touched them and it is driving me nuts that there is no real shopping in Alaska (i'm currently in Anchorage) -- no Coach, D&B, LV stores for me to go and drool at.

    If I was you, I would keep the Manhattan. I actually don't care for the Ursula or even MC in general. You already have a Koala and it would really go with all of the bags that you have described. But then I don't really have a lot of accessories anyway -- takes too much money away from the bag shopping. But I totally agree with the Pomme cles -- I have got to get a piece in this color too!

    Good luck with the decision making!
  13. thank YOU!!! it's so good to hear from somebody from Alaska who can relate to this issue!!

    *ALTHOUGH* you do have access to Nordstroms!!! Plenty of Coach eye candy there~ and D&B.....

    I'm ready to make a trip to Seattle in August--- DH's family is in San Diego so we might go there in August. and IF I get a scholarship, one of the requirements for acceptance is attending a 5 day get together in Tucson, August.... so we'll see.

    I'm just ready to be done and happy with a couple of bags that I can use all summer long. It's exhausting buying, selling, returning ............. argh.

    I'm just so happy about my FRIGGEN PASTILLES KEYCHAIN AND SPEEDY INCLUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! and my Etoile Bandeau should be here tomorrow................I love love love accessories!!! It's just the bags I have problems with, well, not problems, just issues that need resolution.

    Thank you again----- truly appreciated!!!!

  14. Well, I have to be honest, I am not from Alaska exactly. I moved here from Cali about 8 months ago and am moving somewhere (probably back to Cali) at the end of August. My job up here is only for a year.

    I do have access to Nordstroms here and that is better than nothing. But I was just so spoiled at home -- the SAs at the local Coach store know me so well and I was only an hour from the great shopping in San Francisco. So, it was definitely a shock to move up here and realize that the shopping was nothing like I was used to.

    I really hope that you get to go to Seattle or even Arizona (good luck getting the scholarship).

    Sorry that it has been so difficult to find the bags that just cry out for you to keep them. But I am so excited that you love your accessories. (I am totally tempted by the Etoile bandeau, but the red Groom bandeau is so cute, but then that is money that I can use to spend on bags, so who knows).

    Glad to share the frozen north with ya! :yes: Good luck with the Ursula/Manhattan decision!
  15. I am glad I am not alone then. I buy & can you sell out your stuff so fast? I buy constantly, but it takes forever to sell an item out on ebay. I guess it's hard to make up your mind when you see so many nice things out there. :sad: