Are you a carry-on only traveler?

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  1. I am normally a "I'm going to pack everything in my closet" person when I go on vacation. My brother and I might be going to Phoenix, AZ in March for literally two days (Friday to Sunday) to run a half marathon. Realistically, I do not need to take much with me; most of what I take will be my race-wear.

    So I was wondering how many of you TPFers are carry-on only travelers and what are your tips and tricks for packing minimally?
  2. I am! Unless I'm going to be there for 3 days or more, I typically use a carryon and a "travel purse" with I also use to pack items too (I use a Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo just to give you an idea of the size).

    Assuming this is a trip that only requires casual outfits, I usually pack clothing that folds/roll easily, a pair of heels and flip flops as the shoes I'm going wearing during travel will also coordinate with my packed clothing. Tolietries go into a "travel purse" so my carryon is pretty much fair game for whatever I want to put in there. lol
  3. I travel with a carry-on only for anything short of a move. My packing is just based on experience with all the things I tend to bring and never use.

    It might be helpful to think through your two days and what you are actually going to do and wear. If you bring what you need and limit yourself to one just-in-case outfit, you should have room to spare.
  4. I am a carry-on only traveler. I can pack a week of stuff into one carry-on. I take only what I know I will need. I roll my clothes and that really makes a difference in bad room.
  5. We would be flying in on a Friday afternoon/evening (I would wear jeans/sweatshirt on the plane), running 13.1 miles the next day, visiting some friends in the evening, then flying back home on Sunday morning.

    I would be taking my LV Neverfull MM and my lululemon seven days of asana bag (currently working as my gym bag) which has tons of room and special pockets just for laptop/iPad, etc.
  6. If I'm not flying southwest or traveling with business, yes, i only do carry on. when I travel in general, I usually do laundry. I pack extremely light. I would bring 5 pair of denim and wear them over again, my tops are usually thin so I could pack a lot. I always bring my hair straighter, clarisonic, electric toothbrush, makeup, etc...I would have my 2/3 pair of shoes match with what I pick out. I generally take one handbag, but now I take 3...I get my biggest handbag and can easily stick 2 other bags in without it being squished or damaged. I'd always wear my biggest/heaviest clothing/shoes to the airport. Such as jacket, sneakers, etc...
  7. I'm a carry on only traveler! I usually carry the following:

    2 -3 dresses
    1 wool sweater
    1 Blazer
    1 Wool or silk Scarf
    1 pair of chucks
    1 pair of heels

    I like it this way because I spend less time thinking about what to wear and I don't have to deal with carrying heavy luggage on public transportation.
  8. I travel several times a year and I've been carry-on only for the past 2-3 years. I have a pretty big rolling duffel bag I use as my carry on which fits a ton of stuff and use one of my larger handbags. On longer trips I'm usually staying with or near family so I can do laundry. If your only going for two days you should easily be able to fit what you want to bring in a carry on. One of the perks of carry on only is not having to wait in line to check your luggage especially during the holidays, you can check in at one of the kiosks and go ahead to security. I've had several occasions during the holidays where I got to the airport 2 hours before my flight and barely made it to the plane on time. I would have missed my flights if I had to check luggage as the lines for that were insanely long, nearly double in length of the lines at security.
  9. Yes, exactly! I like being a light traveler because it makes getting ready and getting around easier, plus it is worth it to avoid the lines to check and claim luggage. Like others have said, bringing items that can be rolled up, then worn in various combinations works best. I like to bring outfits that I can dress up or down, and easy to pack accessories (jewelry, heels) to make the transition. Like devoted7, I wear my heaviest items (boots, jacket) while traveling so I have room in the carry-on for other items. At this point, I almost have a set of travel uniforms to get me through up to 10 days, which sounds crazy, but they are all occasion-appropriate outfits that fit into a single roll-on suitcase so it works for me.
  10. I live in AZ and think this would be one of the easiest places to pack for--you could definitely carry on, no problem.

    As for me, I'm a carry on as much as possible person. I've carried on for as long as a 3 week trip (though I ended up not prepared for weather on that one) and can normally go about 2 weeks, no problem. The only time I ever check is if weather is an issue (winter in cold areas, needing coats/heavy sweaters etc) or if I'm needing to bring all of my textbooks etc along on the trip, in which case they take up most of my carry on.
  11. For anything up to a week then carry on only is fine.

    Partner always says they want to do the same but has yet to find an airline that allows you to carry three wardrobes worth of clothes, bags, shoes, etc as carry on
  12. Judging by all us carry-on only travelers, I now see why airlines are starting to charge for that (even though it still makes me mad).
  13. For a week or less, strictly carryon. I just hate taking the chance that the airline will lose my stuff. Anything longer, or overseas, I usually check my bag (but I make sure it's locked with a TSA approved lock, and has my name on and in it in several places).
  14. yes, strictly carry-on (21 inch rimowa salsa air). i use compressible sacks and i will send out for laundry/dry cleaning if i have to. however, i am forced to check luggage when i have gear: skis, climbing gear, etc.
  15. another carry on only-er. i've done a 12 day trip with a carry on and had extra clothes that never got worn. over time you learn what the essentials are. you really don't NEED a top for each day that you will be away. things can be layered and reworked. i also pick a color palette for the trip and thus accessories/shoes can be minimized.