are you a bulimic shopper?

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  1. my sister called me that after i told her i was returning my banana republic bag i bought after i found out the color bled on my white jacket. i would probably have kept it if that didn't happen. but i've found more recently i would buy things, ponder if i really love it/need it, then i usually decide i don't really like it as much as i hoped and i return it.

    i know serendipity3kb is like this too! anyone else? :nuts:
  2. The term bulimic shopper is somewhat... disturbing. lol!
  3. ... I was just imagining someone throwing up a bag... and it made me chuckle.
  4. oh the term is hilarious. i completely cracked up when she called me that. thankfully i wasn't drinking or eating something...
  5. I'm an impulse buyer that's for sure. I don't like trying on things in the store, I just buy and try them on at home to see how versatile it is...but my bf makes fun of me for always changing my mind. LOL
  6. I told you this needed a thread!:lol:
  7. I'm exactly the same way!!:amuse:
  8. Sometimes, when I'm on a budget. I figure as long as a store has a decent return policy, might as well grab whatever then and there and think about it after ! ;)
  9. I'm an impulse buyer too if it's not a huge amount of $$$. I tend to keep them or return some of them later on.
  10. My brother (who lives with me) says that I'm a recycler NOT a shopper. I guess that's a comment on my ability to return and exchange. I NEVER cut off the tags of ANYTHING until I actually use the item and I'm super oranized with my receipts... So if it turns out I don't want it, it goes back...

    BUT one of my new year's resolutions is to buy less stuff. I realized I didn't NEED all the stuff I was buying. So I purged a bunch of stuff and REALLY think before buying. And now I'm working out 6x's a week instead of shopping about 3-4 times/week. BUT I still have a purse fixation. :P
  11. This is what I do too! :P
  12. I do this too...if you haven't used it yet...keep the tags may find something else down the road that you like better!
  13. EXACTLY Bjara. Sometimes you just never know what's around the corner...
  14. Not me! I have things that I never wear/use but never return. I don't even know why! I feel kind of bad when I return something, like I'm being a hassle or something. So I make sure I absolutely LOVE whatever I buy before paying for it.
  15. eep, i'm just like you! i feel really bad though...because sometimes i buy something and then it disappears and i find it years later with the tag still on it...i just feel bad for wasting my parents' money like that.