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  1. Ok, Im always returning bags! Whether in the store or by mail. Sometimes Im afraid I will be banned from the store. Im just so picky! ANYONE else out there like me?? Someone told me LV will blacklist you if you return too much? I return on LV, Chanel, Elux, Saks, Neimans, you name it! Elux is the best though! 60 DAYS!!!!
  2. I haven't returned anything so far...
  3. I know in NY they had Dept. Stores make a list of customers buy & return often (Kind of Like a Blacklisting) But Sen. Schumer tried to get rid of that and said it was illegal. Sure maybe if you do it too much, you will get blacklisted because they do take down you info when you make a return.
  4. Hey if your not happy return it, they dont loose money.
  5. i've never returned anything... i guess if you're not in love with your bags then its best to get your money back or exchange it for something you do love!
    i hope the PF can help you find your perfect bag! Speak out and we'll be sure to help ya!
  6. This is true!! My sister-in-law was blacklisted from returning at Nordstrom, which is FAMOUS for their no hassle return policy. She had returned too many things too many times and they told her the last time she tried to return something that she can no longer return anything. She is free to purchase anything, but she can't return them.

    As for me, I hate to return stuff and rarely do it unless it's absolutely necessary. It's a waste of gas and a waste of my time.
  7. If I don't like something I return it but I don't think I return a lot. I've never returned anything to LV, but just sent a Chloe bag back to NM.

    I know that Express blacklists chronic returners. That's what a SA told me.
  8. I'm usually anal about my purchases so I rarely return stuff. Plus it's a waste of my time and gas unless it's an absolute must to return. I heard some stores do put you on a black list if you are a chronic returner. So far, I haven't return anything to LV (yet). I might cry if I have to return any of my bags... :lol:
  9. I do the occcasional return but for the most part I dont buy stuff I don't need.

    I know Bluefly blacklists chronic returners and I think Coach does too. Someone from PF has been "banned" from there..
  10. I almost never return anything bag related...okay never (well Stylesrops recently). Clothes...I will buy and not try them on until I get home and take them back accordingly. Not ALOT...but sometimes. Shoes...well, I order online alot as Key west has NO good shoe I do return if something does not work for me...but overall I am not big on returning as I am pretty sure when I buy something I WANT it!! (shopaholic...uh huh...thats me)
  11. I've never returned a bag before.. usually I'm pretty good at holding in the impulse shopping !
  12. I never return any of my stuff over 500$ because if i'm ready to dish out my money, then that means i've had my eyes on it for several months now and that's it's been thought over and over again. Thus I must really love the bag, then why would I return it?!?! I only exchange for makeup, such as foundation in the wrong color...etc.
  13. I'm Not A Big Returner. But, I Don't Like The Idea Of Not Being Able To Return. My Business Is Out Of NY.....& I Worked On The Corporate Level For A Few Of Favorite Companies (Right Out Of Manhattan).....& This Was Never A Problem.

    I Do Remember Someone Mentioning This To Me......I Just Found This On Google (Hope It Helps!) :
  14. I've returned 3 items since the beginning of May. Before that.. I haven't returned any bags. I returned my Priscilla (didn't like the functionality) back in May for the BH:love: , and today just returned the damier speedy(didn't like the suple feeling..and too dark for me) for a wh. MC wapity. Also returned a damier ckbk cover. Plan to get the mono instead. They didn't have it in I'll probably have to order it.
  15. I don't return anything ..I just keep them and never use them:P