Are you a bag snob?

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  1. :P I don't consider myself a bag snob. I'm just very particular. lol:huh:
  2. Not at all. My motto is "whatever floats your boat". If I think its nice and I can afford it I'll buy it. What I won't do however, is spend a zillion dollars on a bag just to say I have a bag by XYZ designer. I don't wear my bags for the name on it, I wear it because I like it
  3. I don't know.:wacko:
  4. I'm a bag snob :biggrin: For some reason I really don't like DB and most Coach bags. I think its more about style etc than about if they are considered high or low end.
  5. i'll never do DB either. but i think they are ugly. i would buy a bag if it was really cute and no name though.
  6. (Yes I have my hand raised up I am a total bag snob ) I only carry high end bags and evening bags especially during the week, I carnt seem to love the Nine West,Dooney & burke or any faux designers or department store bags eg Bloomingdales, Saks, I just carnt do it !!!!!! :sick:
  7. I am a bag snob. But in a totally wacked out way! I have problems buying a Gap, BR bag etc b/c in my mind the price is too high! Can you believe it? I look at the price tag and if its $150 I figure its better spent on LV or something like that. For some reason I don't think a high price tag on these bags is worth it...eventhough the quality is probably on par or close to LV et al. I'm ashamed, but I can't shake my philosophies! haha
  8. I think that I have become a bag snob, due to my age (I'm not in my 20's anymore) and income, I feel that I can afford the higher end bags.
  9. Me too, I figure why waste money on a bag that I can only use once and then they are torn or the zipper brakes. I would rather save money and only buy one bag a month that I will have for 5 years than buy a bag every other day....that is broken the next day
  10. I don't think I'm a bag snob, because quite frankly, I don't have the money to be one! :sad2: I buy whatever is cute that I can afford, and a lot of the time, it's not designer handbags. I agree with you guys that I would never buy any d&bs though!
  11. absolutely
  12. i totally agree! :lol::lol: i look at the new br bags and i think.. cute, but def. not worth it just because it's banana. it's bad. i know. haha. i don't think i'm a huge bag snob and i don't hate db i just don't think i'll be buying any.. i think they're good for younger teens because they have cute little designs and frilly things and whatnot. i don't discriminate! if i like the way it looks then it doesn't matter!
  13. for sure! although like some of the other ladies said, i'm only a snob in regards to my own purchases. i don't expect everyone else to have the same obsession as me..if they did, we wouldn't need this site to find people who understand :biggrin:
  14. Most definitely. i will not buy a bag that is not designer, and by that I mean high end...I refuse to buy D and , Coach, Tiganello, etc.
  15. NO! If a bag is made well then I will purchase it. I dont care about the brand. If it is durable, stylish, and not too trendy then I'll buy it.