Are You A Bag Recycler Or A Bag Replenisher?

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Are You A Bag Recycler Or A Bag Replenisher?

  1. Recycler: Go For A Bag In My Closet

  2. Replenisher: Go Shopping

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  1. When you get in the mood to change your bag, do you mostly go to your closet to Recycle a bag you haven't used for a while or do you go shopping for a new bag to Replenish your bag supply?
  2. Ok....I'll go first: I TRY to be a bag recycler and start with that..... THEN I go shopping! How about you???:blush:
  3. Let's not call it "bag recycling." That implies that you use it once, and after that, you are recycling.
    How about calling it: using your bags!?
    You buy use them!
  4. I guess I was going for the question of switching off to something we already own vs. adding to the collection. Use a bag just ONCE????? I don't speak THAT language!!!:lol:
  5. I had better be a recycler until my bank account gets replenished!!!!!!
  6. I try to use what I have before buying something. At this point, I feel like I have bags for most occasions, but sometimes it will just hit me and I'll be like ooh, nothing for this outfit! And as long as I can see myself using the bag repeatedly... it is off to the stores I go!
  7. LOL!!:roflmfao:
  8. I use my bags in cycles but sometimes I just have to buy that new style.
  9. i vote Go For A Bag In My Closet :smile:. as a bag addict i'm constantly thinking about bags (what else lol!). as such i think about my bag collection's diverse function usage even before in reality i'm presented with the kind of funtion i thought about in my head :biggrin:. talking about this hmm i'm really itching to get a formal evening kind of bag :p:graucho:.
  10. I AM BOTH. Hehe!
  11. I try to find a bag to fit the need, but sometimes when I have a good idea of what I want I go out and buy it rather than making an old one work. Eventually I'll have a bag for EVERY occasion... at least that's what DH hopes :p
  12. I do both.I have been selling bags I don't use,to fund new more classic bags that I will use and won't go out of style the next season.
  13. I've never sold a bag and the idea intimidates me. Instead, I'm planning to let my DD loose on my collection in about 2 weeks (she doesn't know this yet) and I have a feeling that will thin out my inventory considerably!!! :idea::tup::love::choochoo:
  14. I only get to carry my handbags either at the weekend or if I go out of an evening. So no matter what bag I chose to carry it always feels "new" it's always a treat to carry it.

    So far I've never sold a bag or even thought about selling a bag - what I own I can see me having for years to come.
  15. Go Shopping!!