Are Ya Ticklish ???

  1. Are you ticklish ?

    I'm not, My husband is,on his stomach and feet. :lol:
  2. Not really.

  3. I'm really ticklish and I'm amazed when some people just aren't at all.
  4. i'm extremely ticklish, especially when i'm tired......i freak out when ppl try to touch me cuz i'm soso ticklish :Push:

  5. LOL I hear that all the time. :lol:
  6. Not really...unless someone is really jamming their fingers into my ribs like my brother used to do. But that also hurts.
  7. Yes. Very. :shame:
  8. yes , sometimes when i get my pedi i cant help but laugh
  9. Yup, I get giggly, just seeing someone coming towards me to tickle me...
  10. im ticklish on my feet. My bf is his underarms. He does let my hands get near at all. hahhahaha.
  11. Yes, on my feet, sides of my stomach, underarms :shame: The bf knows it, too :suspiciou :P
  12. sometimes i am.. sometimes i'm not.. wierd..
  13. I am just above the knee, and my bf gets it all the time while I'm driving, bad bad boy...other wise just the feet
  14. Oh so very pedicurist knows to be ROUGH with my feet otherwise I do start cracking up.
  15. Only on the sides of my stomach...but not on my feet. If I get tickled, I just laugh it off...but I don't dare try on my sister. She'll kick me because she *hates* being tickled! :P