are ya ready for some fooootball!? ..

  1. .. it's ALMOST football season! :yahoo:

    and i'm sure many of you girls dread this time of year .. because your husbands/boyfriends will be glued to the tv EVERY sunday! :heart:

    .. but i'm GLUED every sunday, as well!!! it's my absolute FAVORITE time of year! :yes:

    .. i was flipping through the channels and noticed an indy/dalles pre-season game [ dislike BOTH teams! i'm a SAN DIEGO CHARGER fan! ] .. but i got total chills watching a football game!! haha!

    .. so i was WONDERING .. how many of my other girlie girl purse lovin' chicas are PUMPED for football season!? hehe!

    && what teams do ya'll :heart:?
  2. OMG! I LOVE football! Possibly my favorite watching sport EVER!
    I guess what's funny is that I don't really have a fave team lmao.. I just kinda wing it and pick teams whenever I watch a game!! Like at last years Superbowl, I decided to root for the Cubs at the beginning of the game LMAO!
    Speaking of football.. Brady Quinn anyone?? :graucho:
  3. :roflmfao: !!

    u mean the BEARS?! lol .. RIGHT city .. WRONG team!

    haha! glad u :heart: fooootball toooo! yay!
  4. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!

    i'm a college football girl myself - i will be at EVERY home game and the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party - GA vs FL in Jacksonville (the rivalry so big, they have it every year at the stadium closest to the GA/FL border)


    ahem...yeah, i'm a bit of a college football girl. don't care much for pro football.
  5. Ugh. No thank you! Lol, I get dragged to watch all the games though. I guess Bears preseason stuff is on this weekend and our friends and their "bears club" has started up again... Last year we watched EVERY single game with the same people... But I drew the line for this weekend, I told my bf it was ridiculous and he wasn't allowed to drag me to watch the games until it actually counted as a real game. I've just never been into it.

  6. lol! i'm sorrry! [ on both ends! ]

    sorry that u get dragged and must watch when u COULD be shopping .. haha! && sorry that you're not into football .. you're missing out! hehe! :yes:
  7. Yes yes YES!!! Love this time of year...hell I'm usually right there with the guys in a jersey and a cold one watching games, LMAO!!

    U of W Huskies....and Seahawks too!!

    woo hoooooooooo
  8. We're HUGE football fans!!

    Go Broncos!

  9. I love football & baseball.
    Texas Rangers- :heart:
  10. Yeah, I can't wait. I'm a big Dallas Cowboys fan.
  11. i can't wait!
    and College- I gotta go with my Virginia Cavaliers- GO WAHOOS!
  12. Yep, love football season!

    This year we are adding the Raiders to our favorites because our nephew is playing for them!
  13. ahhh see what I mean lmao?? I love football but I'm a little clueless!!! :noggin:
  14. I always look forward to being disappointed by the EAGLES! LOL!
  15. Love watching USC football, *cough* pre-season number #1!