Are wide leg jeans still in style?

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
    I know skinny and straight leg are all the rage..... but what about wide leg? Are they still IN????

    Like these Hudsons....

    ^^^I know those are out of stock, but what kind of top/shoes would you pair it with?
  2. You can definitely wear wide leg/flares, I think they look great whenever I see them. Go with a fitted top, nothing baggy, and heels are the best imo.
  3. I love wide leg jeans. I do wear skinnies, but on most days I don't like my jeans to be tight on me.

    Flats, heels,etc.
    Tight fitting could even wear something slighlty baggy for the "hippier" look. It goes with everything!
  4. Oh yeah, a top that has a long drape will give you a great hippier look!
  5. Depends on what flatters your body type. For me, most of my jeans are boot-cut instyle or not.

    As for what's in style, sure wide leg is fine. Not everyone can pull off a skinny jean anyways and if you can do both, more power to you.
  6. I have everything from skinnies to bootcut to wide leg & wear them all. I think it's about the overall look & feeling good. If they suit you, wear them & enjoy :smile:
  7. Wear what looks good on your body. I personally love wide leg jeans and slacks with heels. I'm on the thicker side so it's very flattering and slimming for my body.
  8. I agree. For me I can only wear skinny jeans with boots. They look terrible on me with heels.

  9. I have my wide legs hemmed for flip flops for an easy summer look. They also look awesome hemmed for a great wedge shoe. Wear them with a top that defines your waist.
  10. Wide leg jeans will be "in" for quite awhile, especially the ones that are basically wide-leg trousers made with softer denim material (think flowy). These days, my jeans wardrobe consists of bootcuts, skinnies once in awhile (but ONLY tucked into boots), and wide-leg jeans with heeled ankle boots or wedges.
  11. I believe in wearing what looks good on you regardless of whether the fashion Gods deem it to be "in" or not. I love wide leg jeans
  12. I hope they are :smile:. I have 2 pairs. Bought one from Ann Taylor for $10 (scoreeee:tup:) and another from Banana Republic.

    I usually wear knit tops with it. I tried wearing a buttoned shirt but some reason didn't look that great
  13. I say if VB wears them, then so can we!! I love wide-leg trouser jeans!
  14. I like theme because they make my legs/thighs look so much better. I also like the way wide legs look w/ boots. I say wear what looks good on you.