Are white leather bags hard to keep clean???

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  1. I'm looking at a new white Chanel. It's white quilted leather with silver hardware-absolutely gorgeous (Vintage Ligne Square Bowler). I've been looking for this bag in black but have been unable to find it. I finally found one in white and I love it. I have major concerns about owning a whit bag though. Does white leather get dirty easily? I have a two and a three-year old and things can get messy! Maybe I should get it and not use it as my every day bag? What do you think?
  2. You should be fine as long as it you don't put it down on the floor and baby it as much as you can. I also suggest probably not using it on a daily basis. White is such a clean color and it's nice to have a white bag because it really goes with anything. :biggrin:
  3. Swanky has the larger tote in the white and I am sure will give you invaluable fb. I had a white bag by chanel (the diamond stitch) and although I had to be a little more careful than when carrying a darker bag, I found the leather on that bag to be very durable and easy to care for.
    white is stunning. I hope you go for it!
  4. I want to know too....Does anyone own white reissue? Is it difficult to keep it clean? Mine still has the tab on... I am afraid to use it before I know for sure...
  5. I spilled coke inside of my white GST today I was freaking out! I called Chanel and my SA told me to use diluted bleach and water to clean the inside. And it worked!! So I think you will be fine.

  6. OMG !!! :wtf: I would have had a heart attack right there.
    Thanks for the info. on cleaning it. So happy it came clean for you...I was holding my breath as I read your post. I, too have a white GST caviar.

    Back to subject -

    Caviar leather is just easier - no doubt than the other leathers...but with a baby and as a daily bag...I am certain I would not use a white bag unless it was caviar.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  7. White leather will turn into yellow in the long run. I read this somewhere in another blog forum.
  8. Does Chanel white bag turn yellow too? Anyone can tell us??? I don't have one long enough to tell, but I have other brand of white handbags & they do change to a greyish white after a yr or two. ;)
  9. I have not had a white Chanel long enough yet either. But I have had other designer bags turn yellow - I was told by SA at Dior that it was due to aging glue on the underside of the leather / material and UV rays........
  10. I have a white caviar and it is a little greyish so I asked a very nice SA in Chanel store in soho -Kim-and she said that Chanel will clean any chanel bag within 1 year of purchase for free and after 1 year for a fee.She told me to bring my white bag in at the end of the summer with the receipt and they will send it back to be cleaned!
    this was news to me!!
  11. I was told by the manager of a Chanel boutique that they send their white bags out for re-dye every 10 years (approx). The leather texture changes a bit (not as nice on lambskin), it should be okay on caviar leather. Patent leather cannot be redyed.
  12. My SA adviced me that for minor stains (dirt), you can use a clean rubber / eraser to rub off the dirt.
  13. I have the white caviar jumbo flap, love it. But I do not use it every day. I am careful with it. Would not use it as an everyday bag, would be worried I would get something on it.
  14. If you buy a bag at NM and want to have it cleaned before the one year anniv. of purchase - do you take the bag to NM and they send it out for cleaning? or do you need to take it directly to Chanel boutique......??:confused1:
  15. I bought my white bag at Saks so I will take it there to be cleaned first-if they will not take care of it I will take it, with my receiot, to a chanel store.As long as it is within a year Chanel will take care of it.