Are / Were you a Military Kid??

  1. Hey everybody,

    Just wondering how many of us were military kids and moved around a lot? If so, what branch was your parent in and where were you stationed?

    My dad was Army Infantry and was in for 20 years. He was already in the Army when I was born and was stationed at the time in Kitzingen, Germany.

    So far, I have lived in:

    Kitzingen, Germany
    Goeppingen, Germany
    Gammelshausen, Germany
    Junction City, Kansas
    Ft. Riley, Kansas
    Barstow, California
    Fort Irwin, California
    Arnold, Maryland

    Compared to a lot of the other Army kids I know, I moved around less than most of them did...But we were stationed in Ft. Irwin for 7 years, so I guess that's why :smile:

    Just intested in seeing how many of you are Military brats :biggrin:
  2. my dad was a career 30 year offficer in the adtutant general's corps. we lived in berlin GERMANY, ft leonard wood MO, wash DC - 7 years at the pentagon!, fort devens MA, ft sheridan IL, ft shafter HI. we didn't move as much either as other military kids but we moved enough. my husband was a naval flight officer for 6 years before leaving for the civilian world. it is a great life.
  3. Marine Brat here, We lived in California, New Jersey, Japan, Korea and Washington State.
  4. Absolutely! I feel that military kids get to experience so much more than "regular" kids do. They get to live all over the world, they learn friend making skills early, because they have to. I loved it when my dad was in the army :smile:
  5. My father was British Army and I was brought up in Cyprus where he was permanently stationed. Because he is of Greek descent and speaks fluent Greek his language skills kept him on the island.

    It was an awesome lifestyle and it meant that I had a great tan but it did have its dark side :sad:
  6. Whoops, forgot one place where I lived! Petal, Mississippi :biggrin:
  7. Did you find it tough to keep losing friends and it make you more insular or did it give you better social skills because you had to develope them more ?
  8. I was a "retail brat" which is pretty much like an army brat in that you get bounced all over the place. My father got transferred every time I got settled into a new town. I went to four different elementary schools. By the time I #4, I was totally emotionally shut down. I was a painfully shy kid and always being "the new kid" didn't help matters.
  9. my husband was an army brat. They lived in Japan, Germany, Maryland, DC, and Texas. He is now in the Air Force and we have lived in Texas, North Dakota, Florida, North Carolina, and Alabama as of this summer.
  10. I wasn't really a military brat cause my when my mom left for the military I stayed with my grandma so that I didn't have to move. Now I'm in the Air Force and I've been stationed in Mississippi, South Carolina and now I'm in Maryland, I was supposed to go to Texas this summer but I'm getting out the military next year!
  11. I grew up an Air Force brat.
  12. My dad is in the military now. In the Navy reserves so I got to travel but we stay in Georgia so I never lived anywhere but Georgia. But we did travel when he did active duty.

    I have been to England, France, and Italy when he was on active duty. The bahamas for vacation and all over parts of the east coast. I hope to travel more soon.
  13. I'm not. The only places I've lived in are here in the SGV.

    Los Angeles, CA
    Pico Rivera, CA
    La Puente, CA
    Alhambra, CA

    and then I had a stint in Norcal where I lived in the Bay Area.

    Concord, CA
    San Francisco, CA
  14. I was but we never moved when I was little..all my parent's moving around was done when my brother was little.
    My dad had been in the Navy for 25 years and ended up as a CPO. Most of their time was spend in North Carolina before coming here but my dad had also been stationed in Japan and Taiwan (my mom stayed here).
  15. Dad was in the US Air Force.
    We've been to (not necessarily in order):
    Albany, GA...I was born there
    Glascow, MT
    Fairbanks, AK
    Bossier City, LA
    Salina, KS
    Albuquerque, NM
    Womerang, Australia
    Anchorage, AK
    Phoenix, AZ and I'm still here!