Are "we" using the toll free nos for Saks, NM?

  1. Since I'm new to the forum, I'm wondering whether there is a compilation of toll free nos that members have compiled for the non-boutique stores. If not, is it worth making such a list?
  2. well, every store has their own, for example my favorite NM has it's own toll free #, it's different than the other Dallas areas' #'s.
    Would the list be hundreds long?
  3. One can call a main 800 number and ask to be connected to the store of your choice; however, I've found that asking the operator if that particular store has an 800 number, they say yes and give it out.

    Example: Saks 1 877 612 7257 gets you a voicemail selection which you can use to get you an individual store location.

    Nordstrom: 1 888 282-6060. Ask to be transferred to Seattle.

    NM, San Francisco direct is: 1 877 634 6264.
    NM, Dallas direct: 1 800 937-9146
    NM, Tysons Corner VA: 1 877 877 1849

    These are the only ones I've noted so far.