Are we taking advantage of Chanel Exchange Policy?

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  1. Hi gals, pardon my frankness here. I am reading alot of us in this forum talking about exchange/ return of Chanel bags. We purchase something (after serious thought), bought it and change our mind and return it. I think this is fine. But I am afraid that some of the ladies here might have already placed our stuff inside and used it! (a day or a few, I am not sure)

    I am not sure of the exact exchange policy. 1 month? Personally I think it is not right to exchange after some forms of usage. In fact, as a buyer, I will be quite upset that the bag I am getting was purchased before (went home) and returned to the store. I am sure the SA will not tell me this information.

    Unless there is some serious flaws (which should be detected at the boutique), but I personally feel that Chanel should not allow returns/ exchanges unless due to manufacturing faults.
  2. I agree with you to a certain extent. However, I disagree since I'm faced with a possible exchange from a recent purchase (bought the purse 2 days ago). When I brought the bag home and was able to accommodate EVERYTHING I would carry in it I noticed the bag was not how I expected. Now, I purchased the bag to enable me to carry more things than I normally would (which is why when I first went into the store I didn't have everything to try it out).

    I wouldn't classify this as an abuse of their exchange policy. Things just didn't work out and but for it not working out I would not have had a change of mind.

    Just my 2 cents.
  3. I have bought and returned a number of bags over the years and would not buy unless there was a reasonable return policy. I often need to be able to take a bag home and try it on with a number of outfits to see how it will work with my wardrobe. I also like to make sure it can accommodate what I need to carry. I would agree that a used bag, meaning one carried outside, should not be returned, but I don't see a problem with trying on at home and, if it doesn't work out, then returning. I'm sure everyone would prefer to buy a pristine, never been touched bag, but as long as the bags aren't being actually used before being returned, Chanel has a reasonable policy. Any bag on a showroom floor is going to get a certain amount of use as well. I'm also sure they inspect returned bags to make sure they are still in new condition before they will accept the return. Just my opinion.

  4. Chanel Boutique's policy per store receipt:

    "Returns and exchanges accepted within 14 days of purchase in original unworn condition with proof of purchase. Sale or markdown items and merchandise that has been altered is not returnable."
  5. I agree.
  6. I once bought a bag, took it home and then changed my mind and wanted something completely different. It still had the tags attached and I never carried it. I "tried it on" but never left the house with it. This is what people do at the boutique. In fact I have seen people put their wallet and items in a bag to see if they fit.

    Chanel boutique is kind of strict. I think only 14 days if I remember correctly but I have to say, department stores get taken advantage a lot. I have seen very used bags get returned. Someone actually returned an 05 reissue to NM in 08 once!
  7. yes i feel that the exchange policy has been abused in one way or another. how some bring it back home, put their stuffs in and model, think its not for them n then return it... this is used imo. unless its defects, its unfair for the next customer to get the bag that has already followed someone else home. and u dont know if the person put the bag on the floor or if the house has cigar smoke, pets etc which some might not like to the fur, scent issue
  8. ^ l personally don't see much difference with trying your items in the purse in store or at home.
    What matters is that you should be entiltled to change your mind if you feel the purse isn't for you. Even more i would hope that on returning the purse, the SA's are trained well enough to tell if you've used the purse in any way, or exposed to cigar smoke??.

    Its a lot of money to spend on a bag and you need to be 100% store. sometimes we all can get carried away in the handbag hype where you've been in store and you over hear SA's saying, "its the last one, or its very limited" - i know it makes me want to part with my cash very quick at that point. Then l get it home a realize, its not for me.

    Personally that's why l prefer to buy from a department store rather than boutique. if i change my mind i won't get that 'look' from the SA

    just my opinion ladies!:graucho:
  9. I don't like the idea of spending thousands on a bag that someone could have potentially taken home and used a few times. If I wanted that I'd buy used...

    A lot of stores only offer an exchange on faulty goods, it may seem harsh but I want my brand new products to be just that!!
  10. I don't think it's right to return something that u have used already. But a reasonable return policy is still a must as i may not like what i see here URL. Still I never return anything except a flap with obvious v-shaped cease on the flap and a ring with a part fallen off after just a few times uses!
  11. I personally love that I can exchange a bag that doesnt work for me. I never use them outside, but I have returned bags that I have tried on at home. I used to never do that and took a big loss. Bags with tags in my closet. Are most of you that think it is wrong outside of the states? We can exchange or return here with no problem. I know it is different abroad. We can return everything here, some things even that have been used and are defective.
  12. Unfortunately, some people do buy to use for a night or more and then return. The tag can be hidden or even taken off and then put back on. Here the tags are not even attached to the bags.

    We all hope that the SAs are trained to detect bag that has been used and refused to take it back but some customers can cause such a fuss that the store has no option but to take it back.

    I think if Chanel has attached some sort of tag that is clearly visible on the outside of the bag then maybe people will not abuse it.
  13. While I agree there is no question that it is wrong to return a used item saying it is not, this is not a question of what consumers do.
    It's really up to the stores not to resell a used item under any circumstances.

    All items should be inspected by an SA upon return to make sure it is in unworn condition.
    If the store agrees to take back a used item, it's up to the store to take the loss.
  14. After knowing that I might be potentially getting a 'purchased and used' bag (even for a few days), I might have to reiterate before any purchase that the bag must be new and never purchased before. I really don't like the idea of returning just because the buyer change her mind or that the bag doesn't match her clothes in her wardrobe! Aren't all these issues considered before any purchase? I understand that this is probably more toleranted in US. In Asia, nah!
  15. I always insist that my SA send me a bag that is brand new in box and never touched or I'll wait for the next shipment. That's why I prefer to do directly to the boutique or dept store to buy instead of shipping to my house.