Are we sick of pink yet? Quick reveal.

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  1. Damier Azur Delightful MM in Rose...Ballerine?

    The tag just says Rose but it also looks like they ran out of space. So, I wonder if the color is Rose Ballerine or just Rose.

    Regardless, I love it. Perfect for Spring and Summer.

    My daughter asked if it was for her. Maybe one day?

    Excuse the baby gear.

    I love the slouch. I have the Delightful PM in mono, OM. Definitely like the slouch on the MM much more.

    Even the inner pocket is a pretty pink.

    :cloud9: Can't wait to use my new Delightful.
  2. It's really pretty, many congrats!
  3. this is adorable with the Azur!! Congrats, it's beautiful!
  4. Congrats! It's beautiful :smile:
  5. Wow, I love it! I have a Monogram Delightful PM that I carried for 5 years. One of my favorite bags!
  6. Beautiful! Congrats!!
  7. pretty - congrats!!
  8. Too pretty and sweet for words! Congrats. :love:
  9. Yes! I am sick of pink! :smile: But congratulations on your beautiful new bag! :woohoo:
  10. Never tired of pink
    Give me pink anytime
    Congrats your new acquisition
  11. Thank you, guys!!!

    I love my PM, too. But, I love the extra room in the MM.
  12. Beautiful!! Perfect for spring!
  13. Thank you, guys!

    Can always count on you for an honest opinion! I do love a perfect, soft baby pink. But, too many pinks and hot pinks lately. Bring on some saturated, dark blues or even greens!!!Also, still searching for the perfect purple.
  14. It totally works with azur! Congrats!
  15. Very Pretty! Congrats!