Are we expecting brown classic flaps for fall?

  1. I am thinking that maybe I should satisfy my need for a brown bag with one of these instead of the pocket in the city--mainly because of $$$. I just wish it would come in the same glazed calfskin. I love that!
  2. I saw a brown e/w with dark silver chain last Friday at Bloomie South Coast.
  3. i hoped for a nice brown shade as well but the only one i saw so far is the classic glap with mademoiselle lock in a dark brown caviar with ruthenium hardware...
  4. I'd love a brown flap!!!!
  5. i saw the new brown lambskin with mademoiselle clasp in jumbo size yesterday at the boutique. it has a slight sheen to it (same as the one we were talking about in the post regarding the new classic that looked like a 2.55)
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw this bag, but in the medium/large size at the NM where I shop. I also saw a distressed caviar brown bag with the mademoiselle closure (pretty sure it was a jumbo) there too. :smile:

  7. leem, these are the glazed calfskin bags i think? so why not take the plunge :graucho: Or were u after one with the CC turnlock?
  8. I saw a large brown flap with reissue buckle and black nickel chain in my local chanel store last week
  9. Any picture ladies??? :nuts: