"Are We Done Yet" movie...

  1. Anybody else notice Nia Long's LV luggage bag? Anybody know the name?

    Also- what kind of fabulous boots was she wearing in the beginning of the movie when they were first checking out the house?

    My son and I watched that movie last night and it's a great family movie for all you who like semi-corny flicks. Good movie though.
  2. I would know if I had a picture.
  3. Or possibly a description of the luggage piece.
  4. Seen it . But don't remember :sad:
  5. Here's a picture that shows the boots:

    I don't know what they are though and I can't find a picture of the luggage..all the sites seem to have the same pictures. I do want to see the movie soon though.
  6. I found out what bag it was-- the Alize 24 Heuers!!

    beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeutiful bag!!!

    And argh. LOVE THOSE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!