Are we crazy to pay over retail?

  1. I was just thinking about my recent bbag purchases and realised that all the rare colours I have, have been bought for way over retail (although some were good deals eventhough over retail:yes: ). Do you think it's crazy or can be justified? Lol I'm starting to feel :Push: guilty...! For example what would you consider as too high for any of the sizes? Or does the price not matter if you want it badly?
  2. i think if you love it, and it's rare, hard to find, then it's priceless.
  3. I agree completely:yes: If its a bag that Im really dying to have and I have the available $$$ its worth it.:graucho:
  4. That's what I keep repeating to myself when looking at my bags lol!
  5. ^ I agree kahk.

    Also, it seems as if they only continue to increase in value as they get older and become more rare.
  6. *sigh* I've been contemplating this all month long... We are crazy, but I have to agree with you ladies.
  7. can't put a price tag on happiness.
  8. I'm not willing to do it, but that's just me. Like anything else--if a color is in short supply, it's going to have more value.
  9. Oh yes, we can! Just ask Firstclass! It's 2700+ and it comes in lilac! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

    Personally, I think we're all crazy, but in a good way. :yes:
  10. i keep telling myself that! it's like an investment! i'm sure el husbando would disagree though.
  11. you should buy whatever you want at any price you feel ok with. the old bal leathers are soooooo much better than 06. and who knows if they will change it back?? colors will come and go in popularity, but i goota say my older bags are smoochy and delicious. and i have both types of leather and those in between. if you are a new bal person, wait until you feel the old leather and then you will understand! for example, my sky blue color twiggy may reapppear as a similar type blue for 07, but probably not the leather! i have an 06 origan weekender which i love, but leather is definitely and i hand picked the best origan leather of 06 bc it does vary greatly form bag to bag.
  12. What I'm worried about is that Balenciaga will bring back the old leather , which would be great of course but then I might regret spending that much for just the leather. Although I doubt they will bring back the exact same colours, which kind of reassures me.
  13. I am highly doubting Balenciaga will bring the 'old' leather -- the leather changed even from their first le dix classique in 2001, to 2003, and 2004 - each year/season varies slightly somewhat to me. And I have bags from every season up until Fall/Winter 2004 to compare!

    Honestly, I think they might do different leather - but it will be 'third generation' in my opinion - perhaps a mix of old and new.

  14. :biggrin: totally agree with you BalenciagaLove !! For me it's a lifetime investment towards my collection . . . I'll keep and wear it in good health and happiness ;) . . . I never will think about the price :shame::love:
  15. wow, i couldn't have said it better myself fayden ;)