Are We Charlotte Gals Ready to Shop?

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  1. It's about that time of year to start thinking about our mid-to-late January tPF raid on Southpark. I KNOW there are lots of people in the Charlotte area that haven't made it to our last three raids, so come on ladies (and gents, if you're interested). We always have the best time and goodness knows, the SAs there just loooovvvvvvvvveeee to hear we are swooping down on them!!

    You don't have to be from Charlotte either. If life or business is bringing you to the area, please let post the date. We always have people from WAY out of state that come!

    Toss out some dates, but only Saturdays please. The weekday thing just does not work. I'm one of the locals, so I'm pretty OK with any Saturday.

    :party::party:Let's get her underway!:party::party:
  2. Elaine, as long as it's a Saturday, I am there for sure this time. Mid to late January sounds perfect. After all the gifts are purchased for the family for Christmas, it will be OUR time in Jan to concentrate on ourselves. I'm in, I'm in. Since I'm local also, any Saturday will work.
  3. Great! Spread the word on the Chanel board! :yahoo:
  4. Don't make it a deal-breaker, but I can't be there the last Saturday.
  5. (i'm on my phone right now,so if this is messed up, i'm sorry) guys KNOW i'm in! i miss you guys! just whatever you guys choose. i just need timo properly fake sick from work,haha.
  6. I'm definitely in. I can't wait. I love hanging out and shopping with you ladies!
  7. I don't think I can do any of the weekends in January. I'll throw out 2/2 or 2/16.
  8. February is good too. Debbie we want you to make it.
  9. February 2nd sounds OK to me. I will have gotten paid two days before! :devil:

    And I'm guessing Pat can make that weekend too? Any other takers so far?

    You're two "raids" behind me. Time to catch up. :graucho:
  10. february seems so far away!

    but that will give me time to save money for the bh :devil:
  11. ^^Elaine - Your wish is my command. LOL I will plan to be there.

    Lib-I'm looking forward to seeing you again. I miss everyone and will be looking forward to this.

    I'm glad it's on a Saturday. That makes it much easier. I will be good and try to save money to spend while I'm there.
  12. I wouldn't mind driving down for a Saturday in Charlotte! Just tell me when.
  13. ahh! definitely! :nuts:
  14. ^^Hey, it would be great to meet you. Aren't you from the Tyson's/DC area? I am originally from Frederick, Maryland and used to shop there all the time. Great shopping.
  15. I'm the party-pooper of the bunch. We'll be on vacation (my first in 3 yrs, I might add) from Jan 27-Feb 6. Plan for when the most can make it, though. I'd sure like to meet the ones I missed last January.
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