Are we being "taken" by skincare lines?

  1. I just shelled out $96 (plus tax and shipping) for Philosophy's giant size "Hope In a Jar" and I am just wondering, after trying many a moisturizer (at about $36/oz or so) if we are all just throwing good money after bad. Would some drugstore moisturizer produce the same results? What do you think? :huh:
  2. I think that is a great question. And yes, I think that with careful research of products we can probably buy less expensive but still good quality skin care product. So, get out there and find all the good deals and report back!!:flowers: :flowers:
  3. there has been extensive research on this topic and results shown that the better products are not always the most expensive. I personally use both aveda and neutrogena because I like the way they smell and make my skin feel - and I find that as I get older my needs become much different so it's a constantly changing battle.
  4. In a word: yes.

    But I think most women realize we're largely paying for marketing, brand-image, and packaging.
  5. I don't think all expensive skincare stuff work miracles. But there are pricey products out there that do work really really well.
  6. We're being taken by them the same way we are being taken by the handbag designers. I saw a Dateline a year or so ago in which they lab tested a few department store lines and it was pretty much all the same stuff. However, I am a sucker for something that feels nice and smells nice, so I too buy the more expensive stuff.
  7. I buy what I know works for my skin and it just so happens to be La Mer and La Prairie! xx
  8. I saw an Oprah show...a long time ago...with an 'expert' (so called...but who knows) who had tested hundreds of different shampoos and conditioners and said the same thing. Buying more expensive shampoo just gives you foofier scents and packaging but the cheaper stuff does the same job. And she said that any conditioner that claimed to revitalize or repair hair was a joke. Hair is already dead and there's nothing that can be done to 'repair' it. The only thing that can be done is to cut it off or coat it ... which is the whole point of conditioner.

    Now...having heard that, I still like some expensive shampoos. But for every day I use head and shoulders shampoo/conditioner mix. It works totally wonderfully. And for hairspray...Suave. =D

    I use Purpose face wash which isn't that cheap but is a lot less than Arbonne. But I do like Arbonne's day and evening lotions.
  9. the shampoo and conditioner are not worth spending big bucks on. But what about facial moisturizers? Line prevention stuff. Is any of that really "different" from high end to low? I mean, is there any significant difference between say Philosophy and Oil of Olay?
  10. Great question-- I think in facial products the difference is in the quality of the ingredients.
  11. There is a book "Dont go to the Makeup counter without me" which has a lot of info on products but I think it just depends on what works for you. My daily skincare regimen includes products from Mary Kay, Avon, Isomers and Chanel-but once in awhile I pick up a jar of good old Noxema and I swear it makes a difference-I really think like anything else you have to switch off periodically, and today after reading another thread I bought a set of Arbonne to try. I splurge more on the treatment products than the cleansers.
  12. i've been asking myself this recently - i'm wondering if my shiseido cleanser and toner and my bobbi brown moistureizer ($42 for a :censor:ing tiny bottle) really do any better of a job than the st. ives apricot cleanser and facial moisturizer that i used to use. i know for a fact that the bobbi brown moisturizer is a lot better for my skin than the shiseido moisturizer, and i'd probably stick with it if anything, but i'm thinking about switching back to my apricot scrub when i run out of the shiseido to see if i was fooling myself.

    plus i just bought another balenciaga, so it's time to start pinching pennies.
  13. It is really all up to our genetics & lifestyle grandma never put anything on her face & her skin is amazing!!
  14. I think there are differences and some ingredients are more expensive. At least I know if I use meadowfoam conditioner by Fresh I definitely feel a difference in my hair than even if I use Neutragena which supposedly also has some meadowfoam. As for skincare I would love to know what the best bang for the buck is. I use alot of Origins and really like how my skin feels using it. Obviously things with shea butter cost more, as another example.
  15. I keep wanting to try the St. Ives apricot scrub. Did you use this daily (or twice daily) as a regular cleanser?