Are we back?

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  1. Anyone else stuck outside for awhile? I was getting Purse Forum withdrawals there! LOL!
    Was it just me?:unsure:
  2. LOL...I was thinking...ok now this just isn't funny...move it along let me in!!!:lol:
  3. Yeah-- I thought it was just me!!--- maybe I had gotten busted by my job's IT!!!
  4. I couldn't access the forum either!
  5. yea, talk about an anxiety attack! I was running from computer to computer thinking it was my computer! Phew! Glad it's up and running again!
  6. Sorry ladies, we had to install an older version of PHP since the new one was acting up. Then some more troubles came around, but we're back!
  7. yup, i was panic for a moment.
  8. Haha! Nope I was clicking like crazy hoping it would come back soon. Thank goodness it's back, the withdrawal craziness was really starting to sink in O_o
  9. i was out and got very bord.
  10. yeah, same here, but now i works again i think... ;)
  11. Me too! Glad its back :biggrin:
  12. man i don't know how to act when the purse forum is down!! i get all crazy and act like i'm going through withdrawal!!
  13. i think we all need help :sad2:....was reloading every few seconds trying desperately to get back on :weird:
  14. I know, it's painful isn't it!? LOL!
    I sit here and think it *MUST* be my computer and you guys are all talking and having fun and how hard it's going to be to catch up! LMAO!
    We need a new Forum called Purse Forum Geeks!
  15. Are we back? Everytime I try to access the main page, I get a bunch of script. Is it just me??