Are we asking too much or willing to pay

  1. too little? It seems a lot of great bags for sale are hanging around on the marketplace for a pretty long time or not being sold at all - Any thoughts on this?:amazed: l
  2. I'll move this to General Discussion since this isn't a Sell/Buy thread.
  3. I think because we have fewer people/less exposure than eBay.
    When you only have a couple of hundred people w/ access to the WTS/WTB Forum and then maybe only a handful of them even interested in the item . . . then combine that w/ it not being the right time for them to make a purchase even though they may REALLY want something. . .
    Maybe some people are looking to make too much money back, but I think it's more about what I described.
    It took me a couple of months to sell a like new Gucci for almost $300 less than I paid for it.
  4. Maybe there's a bag that's not selling cause no one is really looking to own it. I have purchased several items off the Marketplace but if I see something I like that I can get much cheaper from eBay (after making sure it's authentic of course), I'd go on eBay instead. If the $ amount is not much of a difference, I'd buy it in the Marketplace. It's just much easier.
  5. I agree with Swanky. Have you noticed how quickly older Balenciaga city bags will move even at higher than retail prices, but different style Balenciaga bags will hang around even at lower than retail prices? Or how there seems to be less demand for other designer brands? If we had as big a pool of buyers as ebay, then I think bags would sell much more quickly. I've seen some great bargains, but the bags either 1) weren't what I was looking for, 2) I was already tapped for the month!
  6. Perhaps it's due to the great selection of bags, that act as competition for each other? I remember when I was viewing MTP, I had $1000+ to spend on a gift and I couldn't make up my mind because there were pages and pages of great deals, all from different sellers, all quality bags, but I can only afford to purchase one.
  7. There are definitely some great deals out there. And it kills me to see them not get snapped up. I can only speak for myself, but the only thing holding me back is my empty bank account. I have been watching at least three or four bags that I would love to buy but just do not have the money at this time. :sad2:
  8. I'm the same way. I've seen purses I really like, but I just got a Cabas a few weeks ago, and promised myself I would not be buying another purse until at least Fall :sad:
  9. I agree with you on this...and this might be the case for a lot of people.
  10. I agree with jayney. I think a lot of us are just on tight budgets (I know I am now!).
  11. Ditto on the empty bank account - I've seen loads of bags I'd love to get my hands on, but I just don't have the money for it. Its depressing actually. :sad:
  12. I also think that in many cases, if you really want to sell something, you may need to go a few hundred dollars below retail... There are only some items that people will purchase at or above retail prices...
  13. Same here. Broke college student lusting after everything but not able to afford much. Sigh, such is life. In a few years though, it'll probably be a different story :nuts::cool:
  14. the reason i don't buy more is a) i've noticed severael people recently are asking retail for a used bag that is still available brand new and b) i won't have enough cash for a new bag for a few more weeks.

    people are MORE than free to ask whatever they want, it doesn't bother me in the least, but i think that's why some of the nicer bags are hanging around for a bit.

    it also seems, and i don't know if this is really going on or it's just my perception, but the board tends to swing to certain things as a group. right now, balenciaga is hot. chloe was hot a couple months ago. in between were the chanel reissues. if you were selling any of those things when they were big, it'll probably be easier than selling the same exact bag before or after. for instance, i should have waited a few months to sell the balenciaga i sold a while ago, because i probably could have gotten $200 more out of it now.
  15. In my opinion some bags are sold 100 or 200 under retail value (slighty used) or (like new) and if the bag is around 1500 or 2000 in the store I would personally pay that extra 100 or 200 for a new bag out of the store , that I can return (just in case I don't like it or something).