Are We All Suckers?

  1. After seeing all these designer bags greatly reduced does that make us all suckers for having bought them at full retail price?
  2. You know I have to say. I VERY rarely buy bags other then LV but I will say after this past week of all the EXTREME discounts. I will not buy full price anymore, other then LV. I think it says alot about LVs staying power and why LV retains its value better then any other designer bag. I just bought a Burberry for full price but the Nova Checks never go on sale. I think its kind of a slap in the face to everyone who pays full price. It has changed my buying habits I think.
  3. Selena you are so right!!!!!!!!!! I have a new found respect for Louis Vuitton!
  4. I envy you girls so much that you live in the U.S and get suchgreat discounts. here in Germany you just get % on things that nobody wants and the good designer don't reduce much here, the most I've seen was 20% off on a finale sale. When does your autumn/winter sale start? Because I'll be in N.Y end September.
  5. yep, I will only look for sales from here on.
  6. No kidding...that's one of the reason why I love least I will not feel bump out when 2 months down the road the bag I purchase is on sale. Resale value is also high for LV, at least higher than the other designer brands.
  7. The only bag I've seen "so far" (the sale season isn't over yet) that I paid full price for that has gone on sale is the woven roxanne. I'll never pay full price for mulberry.
  8. For certain bags, yeah, I do feel like a sucker. I bought an Etro bag for $1,250, and it's now on sale at eluxury for $675.:rant: I bought it a couple of months ago. If I had been using it I really wouldn't mind so much, but I've yet to use it once. It's still sitting in my closet brand spank'n new.:mad:
  9. It really does make me pause and say do I really want that bag that badly and if I do can I hold out....for the sale. There really arent to many bags I cant wait for. I mean really, we are not talking anti venom. Its not a need its a want. I cannot imagine if I would have paid full price for thos Denim MJs prior to the sale. I had my credit card in hand at NM for the denim multi about three months ago..but the sweet song of LV wooed me over there instead. I am sooo glad I didnt. It really would have spoiled the line for me. I have 4 MJ bags and I paid less then 30% of the retail price on all of them.
    We have choices ladies...and as I have learned patience will yield us more.

  10. I don't feel like a sucker. Items are only worth what you're willing to pay for them.
    Nothing from Chanel I want actually goes on sale. If I do buy a piece while it's on sale, its because to me it's only worth what I'd pay for it.
    So, the Cambon line, obviously wasn't worth it to a lot of people at full retail, but it was to some when it went on sale.
    If the people that bought it full retail adored it, and were willing to pay full for it {and since they had NO way of knowing when or if it'd go on sale}, then they shouln't feel like suckers IMO.
  11. It really is all a matter of how much value you place on an item. If I wanted something badly enough, then I don't mind the full price tag. Even if I see it on sale months later, I don't feel bad because that's what I was willing to pay to have the item when I wanted it.
  12. Ummmmm I feel like that for shoes!! LOL
    I spend so much money on them for retail price and then discounts come!!
  13. Pretty much all bags I've spent $$$ on have never gone on sale. Usually, if I bought something and saw later that it has gone on sale, I don't feel bad. I got that much extra time enjoying the bag and receiving compliments.

    Plus, I hate it when I wait for an item to go on sale, then go back to the store only to find out it's gone forever. If I really like something, I just go for it because rueing over something fabulous I didn't buy feels worse than regretting a purchase I ended up not liking. Sometimes, though, I've had incredible luck missing the chance to buy something, then finding it again at a consignment or seconds store. Now, THAT is fate.

  14. Ooooooh... I know which bag you mean.... I love this bag, and just noticed the price drop yesterday.... But I just bought my Speedy, I can't buy this now. :sad:
  15. that's what I'm talkin' about!