Are wallets and accessories too expensive?

  1. So i'm on the hunt for a new wallet. I've looked at Bottega Veneta (around $500.00) to Chanel - around $600.00 - $700.00. It got me thinking. I've love to get a wallet and makeup bag or coin purse (balenciaga) to match my bags - but dang, that's the total cost of another bag!!

    Who goes for no name brand accessories in their bags and who goes for "the good stuff"?

    Doesn't it seem like these things are too expensive? (rant over)
  2. Yes..they are. I want a LV wallet, but they are quite expensive. I have a MJ quilted clutch that I use and I love it. I got a great deal when I bought it, but I don't know if I would have gotten it at full price. In fact, I know I wouldn't have.
  3. I can completely justify spending money on the wallets/accessories. I have an MJ zip clutch I got almost two years ago for mother's day and I use it everyday. It is an oatmeal color and it still looks great.

    I also carry a Hayden Harnett change purse in cobalt and a bright green Prada makeup bag. These small accessories make me sooooo happy. A new wallet is my next goodie. I really love the Paddington zip clutch, but I may go with something more classic.
  4. I'd have a realllll hard time paying over 350ish for a wallet/cosmetic case/whatever.. i'd rather get a new bag! I have a Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch as well and love it (was about 260 on sale at Saks..)

    However, i just got a Balenciaga First and now am realizing i may need a smaller alternative wallet so i'm looking at the LV Ludlow in Damier (255 i believe..) Everything is so expensive!
  5. I always spend my money on wallets and accessories. That's why my bag collection is not big big enough :p.

    It's expensive but it's worth every penny.
  6. i dunno for me i only need one wallet, if i have more then one i cant find anything cause every time i switch to a dif one its like wheres my credit card where is this etc... So i had some ok wallets (marc my mj, kenneth cole leather) But i just recently bought a Prada leather wallet that retails about 365-410 (depending on style here is one style Prada -  Saffiano Metal Oro Zip Wallet -  Neiman Marcus)

    and its beautiful but i got it for about 140 off and so it wasnt quite as much but i think spend a decent amt on one amazing wallet and thats it, OR if you like many many wallets then dont get 500-600$ wallets cause then you could just buy another amazing bag! :smile:
  7. I used to have the matching wallet with my bags but I just used my black Dior Gaucho wallet so I sold the rest. Now I just have the one continental and one small LV in pomme to go into my small bags.
    The prices are really expensive
  8. I used to have the matching wallet with my bags but I just used my black Dior Gaucho wallet so I sold the rest. Now I just have the one continental and one small LV in pomme to go into my small bags.
    The prices are really expensive for the wallets but that's probably because it's more work to put together an LV wallet than e.g. a speedy.
    Sorry for the double posting!!
  9. Absolutely. My LV wallet actually costs more than a Speedy 25 or 30. It was a big debate about whether to buy a speedy and a piece of LV luggage, or a Speedy and a wallet...I went for the wallet though because it is something that I use every day, and I don't like to carry an expensive bag with a cheapo wallet inside.
  10. yes, they are.... but i don't change wallet or access a lot.
    but i must admit, i've been spending TONS of money on balenciaga access lately. they're just unavoidingly cute :p
    i only buy wallets like once in years. so compared to the amount of money i spent on handbags, it's still reasonable because it's worn like ALL the time.
  11. personally i buy nonexpensive wallets at macy's and save the money for more handbags!
  12. Yes, IMO they're too pricey. I only use one wallet, it would be too fussy for me to move my credit cards, driving license etc from a wallet to another one, and I really abuse of it, so I don't care having an expensive one.
  13. They are expensive if you look at size, but the stitching in smaller areas has to be exact. I used to spend much less on wallets and I used them till they died; they started looking tired and used fairly fast; they just looked crummy quickly. My BV wallet gets used constantly, rubs against everything in my bag, and both the interior and exterior look practically new after about 1.5 yrs of hard use. I expect the appearance will hold up longer than the less expensive leather wallets. It's shocking, tho, to pay more for a wallet, than most handbags.
  14. I have two cute, small wallets from banana republic. I tend to splurge more on cosmetics cases. I have a few by MbyMJ, Isabella Fiore, Coach. I am planning to get one of the new MJ flat cases as well. But, I do agree that wallets and accessories are too expensive. I try to catch them on sale or at the outlets.
  15. Why am I too lazy to change out my wallet more than twice a year, but I can completely change out a bag sometimes twice a day!! So, in answer to the question, yes, I would spend more money on a wallet because I would use it to death anyway.