Are Victoria Beckhams Kelly's 28's or 32's?

  1. What do you think? I was just drooling over the "How many H bags does Vic Beckham own?" post, and I'm wondering - do you think her Kelly's are mainly 28's or 32's?? I'm kind of her size (when I'm not pregnant!!) - and a wee bit heavier (she's SO thin!!!),but I like the size she carries....
  2. hi Kristie, based on the photos, I think almost all of Victoria's Kellys are 32cm :flowers:

    Black Chevre Kelly
    Gold/light brown Ostrich Kelly
    Tri-color Kelly
    Rouge H & Canvas/Toile Kelly
    White w red piping Kelly
  3. second this most are 32 and the plush one is 35
  4. Excellent - Thanks!!!!!:smile:
  5. Ahhh, Kristie is plotting, plotting!!! :smile:
  6. :yes: :shame: .....................:graucho:
  7. Is her white one rigide or souple?
  8. the one with the piping and gold hardware? that a souple one