Are vernis hard to clean? Would a scuff be impossible to get out?

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  1. any informatio would be helpful....thanks everyone.;)
  2. I think not possible:crybaby:
  3. #yes if it is a SCUFF mark it can be cleaned of using NON ACETONE nail polish remover, it MUST be the NON acetone one though, i have used it and it works.scottie
  4. Does anyone know how to clean a Vernis with something else? The non acetone didn't help :sad:
  5. Hmmm....don't think you'll be able to get a scuff out.
  6. Vernis is extremely high maintenance leather. In my experience, it is virtually impossible to get certain stains out of vernis, for instance ink or color transfer (from a plastic bag or magazine). If your scuff is this type of stain, you may be forced to live with it. Seems some substances actually get under the shiny finish of vernis making them permanent.
  7. I had a marshmallow bedford that I just never used, so I sold it. I was too afraid to HURT it! I am even careful with my bags. I really want a pomme bedford though!