Are Vernis bags just for warm weather?

  1. Call me crazy but I have always thought patent leather looked summery. I am probably wrong. I love this line, but I am trying to decide when I would wear it. Would you carry a vernis bag in the winter?
  2. I carry it all year round cos I LOVE COLORS!!!!;) Makes me happy:shame:
  3. Nope! I use mine all year round. There's nothing like seeing a bright pop of color in the dull boring dead of winter.
  4. It's for almost all year round. I'm not taking my bedford out until September because I think it's too hot.
  5. I don't think so. The first Vernis piece I had ever seen in person was a Houston in Noisette. It was definitely cool outside... late Fall...and it looked great!!!:love:
  6. I use my Bronze Tompkins Square all year around. It looks beautiful with my summer whites and equally amazing with rich, fall and winter tones.
  7. I wish they still made the Bronze! That would be a great year round color!
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