Are Vera Bradley's bags faked?

  1. I do own one currently..
    are they faked yet?
  2. I own three Vera Bradley bags and don't think they've been faked yet. however, there are lots of "Vera Bradley Inspired" bags.
  3. I don't think they have been faked yet, or ever will for that matter because they are cheap bags.
    However there are imitations of them in dollar stores and such.
  4. i can't decide if it was a 'fake' or an 'inspired' but i saw a "vera bradley" villager strikingly similar to the apple green pattern. with the large blue paisley trim and all! but the alignment was sooo off and the colors were weird.
  5. There is a huge bin of them (inspired fakes?) in my local drugstore
  6. Quilted home made bags are everywhere. I don't own one since I really don't like the style.
  7. Thanks guys, I'm considering to sell that one I currently own, but I need to be sure of its authentic before I pass them on to other people.
  8. I've seen lots of fabric-y style bags like that. But giant Vera Bradley mills I'm not sure of. Probably.
  9. I would think that the fabrics would be hard to get a hold of... especially since the fabrics have the Vera Bradley signature throughout. There are definately imitations out there though.
  10. There's Vera rip offs at a grocery store here in Boston. It's disgusting. Vera has the prettiest patterns but some of the replicas are utter crap.