Are UGGS sold out everywhere?

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  1. Hi, I am looking for some size 5 kids classic short uggs in chestnut or size 6 womens in chestnut also (i am a 7 but i was told to downsize?) and I am planning to get them this weekend. I've wanted them from awhile but never got them. now its getting so cold (even is socal!), i need to have them! And it is weird because i use to be so against them and no i am finally giving in. but my friend told me that they are sold out everywhere! are they really?

    i am planning to go to Nordstroms this u think they will be in stock? or what other stores should i check out? I don't want to go and then not get them because they are sold out!!

    PICS FROM THE Nordstroms SIZE (both in chestnut, classic short)



    why do they look differnet? i thought they were suppose to be the same?

    help me out, im a ugg newbie. sorry for the 390482048 questions:smile:
  2. i was against them for a long time as well, and just caved and bought the classic short in chestnut at Bloomies in Atlanta two days ago. they only had unpopular styles and colors sitting out, so I asked an SA and they said that they had JUST gotten a drop shipment from UPS 15 minutes before and had already sold several pairs by phone to people on a waiting list, but i had come by at just the right time. i'm wearing mine right now :smile:. you might have to search for a bit, depending on their popularity in your area, but i bet you can find some.
  3. wow you got really lucky!
  4. Victorias Secret sells adult womens ugg boots. So does Zappos-free shipping both ways! I've gotten all my uggs from Zappos. Dillards sells them as well.
  5. I suggest you call Nordies and ask them if they have them in your size. You definitely will fit in the Youth 5.

    I love them, they are very comfy especially, the classics.
  6. I too got all my from and you can beat next day delivery, also I price match with them, I only save 5 bucks but the uggs are like 5 dollars cheaper on but no next day delivery. works like a charm. I have the tall classic crochet in black and in brown so comfy.
  7. oh.. stylerunway has a lots of ugg boots available...
  8. I totally agree with Victoria Secrets+ Zappos.

    But the last time I was on Victoria Secrets, they had really bad sizes.
    Journeys also sell Uggs.

  9. :tup::tup:

    As soon as those Size 4 Kid's Sand short go back in stock, I'm picking them up!
  10. No tax even for Cali residents? How?
  11. wow my bff told me to blame Oprah because uggs were on her fave things list and eventhough they were the crocheted ones...all uggs got bought up. I thought she was kidding until we hit the major online stores and malls and found that to be true. I am glad I bought my pinks ones years ago.
  12. Another vote for I got my black pair from Zappos, and my light pink ones from Nordstrom.
  13. I'm wanting a pair, finally, but unsure of the size. I wear an 8.5 and nordstrom is saying get an 8, while zappos is saying 7. Of course I'll have to wait until february to see them at all!