Are Uggs out of style?

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  1. I've always wanted some, but now I'm wondering if they are still considered "in fashion". Are they???
  2. Your feet will be too happy to care. I resisted getting them for the longest time because they seemed too trendy to me, but once I gave in and tried some on, I've been hooked and have an embarrassingly large collection.
  3. Probably, but who cares!? They're just so comfy and perfect for cold days.
  4. Go ahead and get you a pair. You know you really want to.:wlae:
  5. lol, I guess I'll give in to the temptation. :nogood:
  6. Yes! Give in to the temptation. You will be glad you did.
  7. A shoe you love will never go out of my humble opinion. Plus they are just so darn warm! As long as I live in cold weather my Uggs will never be too far behind me lol :nogood:
  8. My feet wouldn't want to find out that uggs were out of style, my feet think being warm will always be fashionable....
  9. For a show this warm, it doesn't matter. If you live anywhere remotely cold, you will fall in love, and never fall out!!
  10. big thread already . . . please do a search:tender:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.