Are Uggs durable?

  1. ok, no offense but i've always thought uggs were kinda F-uggly... *duck* :Pi know there're plenty of u out there who worship uggs... and u know what... i've finally succumbed to the ugg temptation...!! they're SOOO comfortable!! but tell me... how durable are they...? since i'm going to be spending about 300 on a pair of boots i'd like to know that they'll last me a couple of years...! :shrugs:
    thanx! :flowers:
  2. They're incredibly durable! I lived in my tan pair every winter season for the past 2 years and they're still lovely as ever! Just be sure to spray them with a suede protector and don't walk in puddles.
  3. I am an Aussie and Uggs have been a part of our culture for many many years. As sad as this sounds, it is also a testament to how durable Uggs can be. I am 35 yrs old and I have owned a pair of Uggs since I was 15 yrs old! Admittedly I have mainly worn them as indoor slippers, but when I was younger I also wore them outdoors as a casual shoe. I still wear my Uggs in the colder months as indoor slippers and I LOVE them.
    So yes, by all means, invest in some Uggs ... they are truely wonderful!
  4. Yes, they are wonderful! They are VERY comfortable and VERY roomy. Buy a pair, their worth it!
  5. Very durable! Enjoy your uggs, they are SO comfy!
  6. I really faniced buying a pair of uggs for the winter coming in soon. But It occured to me that they might not be too durable in scotland due to the rain we get. I suppose I would just have to wear them on dry days so to keep them out of the rain.
  7. Uggs are really durable. But be careful around water. Sheepskin and stuff abosrbs water, which is death for the poor boots.
  8. I dunno... I've worn my Uggs throughout the Canadian winter with no problems. They have never soaked through and they don't even have water spots or anything like that and our winter can sometimes get quite severe! I've worn them to the cottage with snow up to almost as high as the boots without problem either! I think they actually hold up to snow/rain decently.. as long as you don't go bathing in a pool of rain or just stand in a giant pile of snow for hours... maybe I've just been lucky? :shrugs:

    I personally find them very durable and able to withstand the weather elements very well. That's why I've fallen in love :love: even though they aren't exactly attractive nor are they really flattering...

  9. i know what u mean!!! they make my legs look like tree trunks! :hysteric:but they're SOOO comfortable...!
    i'm in vancouver, plenty of rain here... :cursing: guess i'll have to spray a ton of waterproofer on them...
  10. I was sort of irritated the first time I wore my Uggs because I was under the impression that they were a winter boot that were MADE for the elements like snow and water.
    I was cursing the gods when my socks ended up wet after stepping in snow.

    That being said though, they are SOOOOO comfortable. Enough so that I just bought different winter boots and reserve my Uggs for the purpose of keeping my feet cozy and warm.

    BTW, Ugg has put out some ADORABLE boots this year.
    These are WAAAAY cuter than the standard style that everyone knows and loves (or hates)
    and they're just as warm and cozy
  11. i dont want to sound major stupid but what do you wear them with? i dont really wear skirts enough to wear them with skirts and tights and yer i wear jeans but not ones to tuck into the ugg so wouldnt they look rather odd underneath jeans? im seriously considering a pair myself though
  12. Last winter I used my tall Uggs as my "commute" footwear and it turned out great! So basically I wore them every single day monday to friday and then I'd wear them again on weekends cuz they were so comfy!

    I usually wear the boots with whatever I'm wearing that day - pants, jeans, dress pants tucked in and then I have a long winter jacket on top - so really you usually only see the boots, maybe just a bit of the pants, and my coat.

    Then when I'm in the office I switch to my pumps that I just wear indoors.

    This method has allowed me to keep my nice pumps/leather shoes/boots looking better - newer - for longer.

    When I wear jeans - I like the look of them tucked inside the Uggs, but occasionally I wear them with my jeans on top - although I have found sometimes that causes the dark blue to transfer to the boot (ugh!) :yucky:

    and actually - I don't wear them with just skirts. Dunno why - they remind me of wearing them in hot summer locales - which I find strange. The reason I wear uggs and love them so much is because they keep me SUPER warm in the winters and I never froze at all last winter. When I see someone wearing them in places like California it always makes me scratch my head b/c I don't understand why you would want to wear them in some place so warm cuz wouldn't it just make you TOO warm? Then I feel like those people are wearing purely for fad/trendiness reasons. But I guess to each their own! :upsidedown:
  13. Love my uggs. been wearing the same pair for the last three years and they still look awesome...
  14. totally durable! I wear the short ones and pull my jeans over them, I wear dark denim and have never had color transfer, but I ALWAYS Scotch Guard my suede prior to wear. NM had a pair in their catalog recently that were a smoother leather, looked more durable than suede although the reg ones are totally durable!:yes:
  15. I have had the same pair of Uggs for 12 years - NO joke... they look used, but not beaten and they are the sand color and there has been no color transfer. I hate the new ones b/c there is a stiff thing in the heel piece... the older ones are more comfy IMO, but they do last!!