are ugg boots forever gone?

  1. i am thinking bout purchasing a black pair for winter cus they are sooo comfortable...but are they totally out of style? i dont want to be looking yesterday...:confused1:
    so i think to my self, what would TPF members do?
  2. Im saying, sod if they are still in or not!! I love them and im going to carry on wearing them lol

    Save our Uggs :biggrin:
  3. Yes, IMO it's too late. It's like buying buffalos atm.
  4. It depends on if you are a slave to trend or prefer to wear what suits you. There are a lot of times I won't wear Uggs, but there are a lot of other times where they are perfect. But I don't wear them for other people; I wear them because they work for me.
  5. I don't know if they're still in or not, but I'm still going to be wearing them! I can't live without them during the Chicago winters.
  6. Definitely out of style, but if you want them, go for it. I'm sure there will still be people wearing them come fall/winter, always are.
  7. I think they are "out," but I still love mine! They're so toasty in the winter and fall, and you just slip them on! I'm going to be wearing mine!
  8. I love Uggs, gonn wear them no matter what, nothing is more comfortable. I'll never wear an Ugg bag though, yuck.
  9. they are not really instyle anymore, but that does not stop be from wearing uggs. I have 4 pairs and wear them year round.
  10. I have no idea...
    I love my uggs...
  11. who cares what other people think if you love them wear it!!
    i also think women will still be wearing them come fall and winter
  12. I wonder this every year actually - and every year I see them everywhere, and with more fakes and imitations than ever. Perhaps it's because I'm in upstate NY and winter gets so cold that fashion faux paus are far from the forefront of our freezing minds? Who knows, but I have ownded 8 pairs in total - and rotate every winter. I've worn Uggs for the past 3 winters now.
  13. Ack! I would DIE if I didn't have my toasty little UGGS to keep me warm in winter! I love them and I honestly don't care what anyone thinks.
  14. I wear them everyday! I just purchased from Zappos the beautiful new paisley print in grey.
  15. I don't think they're trendy anymore. I probably will still wear mine just around the house. They're so comfortable.