are U sure you can buy all that?!?!?! OMG

  1. So an SA who I purchased ONE bag from a few months ago just called me to tell me they have new bags in..She told me about the expandables, madison, denim cabas, etc...the same stuff we have been hearing about..I ask for 3 paticular bags, one of which is the classic caviar clutch for $895.00..the other is a flap for $1750.00 and another tote which is $1750.00..all relatively inexpensive compared to other price points right? well, she said she will attempt to locate them and call me tommorrow---fine I said. Then as I said bye..she says while laughing.." are you sure you are going to be able to buy all of those" WOW the nerve of her to ask me such a thing.

    I have never seen her or met her, we are in two seperate states. I did mention to her previously my age because she kept suggesting classic bags or bags that I didnt like and I tryed to convey to her my style without giving too much away..I told her im 24 and like trendy in your face bags, that was it.

    I just find it appaling that she made such a crude comment like that without knowing my social-economic background or anything else about me. How does she know im not a successful accountant, or lawyer or a doctor or whatever have you. Maybe its the way I talk....I don't know. But, one thing is for sure..she will no longer be hearing from me!

    do you find yourself having to morph into someone else when talking to an SA? Im starting to think I will have to.

    In person, I have never had an SA be rude to me and 80% of the time while im shopping in the city, I am in SWEATS and a tshirt because its easier to get in and out of is the first time I felt violated and insulted.
  2. Um, perhaps you should change SAs. You shouldn't change to get a SA to help.

    If you want a good SA, I can give you the contact info of mine. He's GREAT. ;)
  3. I wouldn't have taken her comment so seriously. It didn't seem crude at all; she didn't use the word AFFORD which would have implied she spoke before knowing your social-economic background. Plus, she was laughing when she said it. I'm sure it wasn't meant the way you took it.
  4. what store was this ??
    some of these SAS are getting very very snotty,snobby and stuffy ..
    They need to relax and take a chill pill !!!!!!!
  5. Wow that was rude. That SA is a hater. Buy those bags from another SA because she doesn't deserve the commission.
  6. It was from a Neiman Marcus location.

    Yeah, I found the comment rather callous. But, I was too stunned to say anything in rebuttle.

    using "afford" or " able to buy" is just semantics. Her meaning was the same in my opinion.
  7. Susan Baker at Saks is great.
  8. Which NM location? I have a great SA in Short Hills NJ
  9. I honestly wouldn't take the comment too seriously. I probably would let that kind of thing roll off my back depending on the tone, of course.

    I honestly think it may have had less to do with age but rather, "I NEED IT NOW!!!!" and buying so much at once. That hasn't happened at Chanel, but I've had one of my favorite SAs do that at another store b/c I went nuts over a certain item and bought several in multiple colors. All in all, I was acting like I just NEEDED everything right then. It WAS kind of funny.

    Unless her tone was demeaning as in, "How can you afford all of that?!" I seriously wouldn't think anything of it. JMHO.
  10. I thnk if she can find yu the purses you want, that is great. Maybe she was jealous????
  11. I think she was just joking I do that with my SA all the time. Some people don't have the same sense of humor.
  12. I think I would have been a little put off as well. When someone is providing me a service, I don't expect them to editorialize in this manner. It is tacky and believe me if the Chanel execs heard her say that to a customer, they would have pulled her aside and gave her a little education.
  13. Her job is to get you what you want not make assumptions or rude jokes. I would have been just as put off as you.
  14. people can be so strange...
  15. I don't think her comment was appropriate at all. I would change SA.