Are U so Over Monograms prints?

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  1. yes or no and why?

    I am through with Monograms the only one I like is gucci is like the most classic thing in the world.
  2. You know, as overdone and copied as the LV is...I still think it looks as good as the woman who's wearing it. If I see a slovenly woman with an LV monogram canvas bag, the bag looks like s---. However, if you see a well groomed woman, she can even be wearing jeans, a great white shirt, red shoes...and carrying a Vuitton, then the bag looks great. I think it is the style of bag that is important too. These oversize "F"s on the Fendis are just garish. So, good taste, ladies, is what it's about.
  3. I am WAY over the whole monogram thing. I support others decision to buy it/wear it, but for me, I decided that it just looks like I'm trying too hard.
    I have a casual lifestyle, I'm mostly in jeans....I take the SkyTrain most places. I have no business wearing monograms....on me, it just looks tacky.
  4. I'm going through a phase where I'm tired of my bags screaming "look at me!" I have 5 bags with logo prints, and all the ones I have bought recently are not. I sold the Gucci to a friend. The Coach store gave me credit for one of my Coaches because it couldn't be repaired. And I have put up my Fendi for sale. So I got one Coach and the LV left, those I still can't part with yet though.
  5. Over them? I was never really INTO them! I've actually always preferred the subltle look of a non-monogram bag. I do have several, though...
  6. I'm not into monograms because they are supposedly "status." I actually like the way my Gucci messenger looks, a small classy pattern is how I see it, not the monogram. And I think the LV monogram Speedy is one of the most classic bags there is. Again, I like the look, not the status. That said, I don't think I'll buy any more monograms. I'm downscaling in every way.
  7. I really don't like to be a walking billboard for anyone, so my answer is that I don't like monograms.
  8. I've always hated the monograms, mainly because they are the bags most widely counterfeited and you see them all over the place.
  9. I prefer no visible logos on anything.

    I have been meaning to have my car de-badged since I bought it, but since I am lazy and procrastinate, I will probably get around to it about the time I am ready for a new car. THAT one will be de-badged before it leaves the dealership:tup:
  10. Most of my mono bags are gone. I am just not feeling it as much as I used to.
  11. I go through phases, about 6 months ago I thought I was o over they are growing on me again.
  12. ITA
  13. I like monogram. I just can't help it! :smile: I don't like going overboard, though. I think one piece per outfit is enough!
  14. I kind of have been for the past year-ish. I occasionally take out my LV speedy because it holds sooo much and I travel between houses sometimes so it serves as like, my life bag lol - but mainly I've been into logo-less bags - mainly my Balenciaga or all leather/logo-free Coach. But I always go back and forth. I go for months being like "UGH logo's - ew - walking billboard" - to strutting along LV clad - so it really all depends on mood for me. ;) :heart:
  15. I like them in small doses. I prefer the majority of my bags to be leather.