Are u bothered by bags with no info card?

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  1. I'm new here and I'm not sure if this is the right category to post this. Just wanted to get a consensus as to how you guys felt about buying a high end designer bag which comes with an info card, eg. like Balenciaga, Chloe, etc.. except yours didn't.

    This happened to me when I bought a B-bag just recently and it was brand new from a legit boutique, came with everything but no info card. I did ring the store owner to let her know and she's emailed Balenciaga's spare parts department but they haven't replied. I love my bag though and this doesn't detract from it's beauty.. just wondering what u thought.

    Coincidentally, I'm now after a whiskey Paddy (can't seem to find any here in Australia, believe me I've called all the boutiques, lol!). I'm watching one on eBay and emailed the seller but she says it's got everything but not the info card?! Haha - must be me or something..:weird:
  2. Where did you buy the Balenciaga?

    Have you looked at They're in Italy and they have Chloe bags and do post overseas.
  3. I had it as well with LV. Actually I didn't bother me because I bought at a LV shop. I throw them away anyway.
    Net-a-porter ships oversea as well and they are great I just got my paddy yesterday. They have a superb service: it took them just 1 day to ship to Germany.
  4. Thanks for you input!!:biggrin: I'm in Victoria and I bought it from Cultstatus in Perth (across the other side of the country) via phone order. The owner is a really lovely person and so great with me bugging her for the card, heh:shame:. I guess it doesn't really matter.. it's just a piece of ppr and I have tossed away boxes, cards, etc from LVs I own (moved house twice in as many yrs so I just pack stuff in their sleeper bag and into a giant box labelled, "My Preciousss", lol!). But this was my 1st B-bag and wanted it to be perfect, ya know? I'll survive though coz the bag is DELISH!! I got the 05 rouge First. The colour is lovelier than I expected:love: .

    Re NAP and LVR, I did check them out but LVR only had metallics in stock atm and NAP had the dark grey which I was really considering (your is gorgeous Tanja!).. but I think my wardrobe needs a tan-ish bag.
  5. Are there some top-end boutiques in either South Yarra or even in Sydney (such as Double Bay)?

    PS - I'm from Elwood, missing Melbourne!!!!
  6. I would definitely be bothered if there was no model info card with my B-bag! I like to keep all the cards with the extra tassels and mirror stored away. Plus, if you think you are ever going to resell it on eBay, its good to have.

    Lily at cultstatus is awesome, so if anyone can get you a replacement card - she can!

    That being said, it doesn't detract from the beauty of the bag or how much you will love using it! You picked a great color! Enjoy it!
  7. Cal: Hey, nice to meet you!!! I'm not actually in Melb.. I'm in a regional/provincial town about 2hrs from the city. But I grew up in Melb:amuse: . Yeah, Cactus Jam International in QV is who I called but their pre-order for March is full. Next shipment is some months off. I'll be mouldy by then, lol! I'm not sure if Miss Louise stocks Chloe, I know they do Balenciaga but they're snobby and awful there!!! Not to mention their prices are higher.

    Smallfry: are u a fellow Aussie:nuts: too? Yes, Lily is lovely! She emailed me today saying she sent another email to B yesterday but still no reply (saga is a week long now). Anyway, she said she's "going over to view the winter collection in March" and she's hoping to speak to someone about it directly. So fingers crossed. But nah, I'm not a eBay designer seller type.. I either hoard my bags, lol, or give them to mum, aunts, etc once I have no use for them.
  8. No, I'm from the States, but I am a B-bag addict! And cultstatus has a nice selection, so I have emailed back and forth with Lily several times. She will even email photos of bags that she has available...which is nice since there is so much variation in Balenciaga's leather.
  9. I just love Australia and the Aussies. When I was an exchange student in Costa Rica my best friends were from Australia (Tasmania, Melbourne and Sydney) and NewZealand. By the way I love the red B-bag.
  10. Smallfry, how did the price of the bags in Australia compare to the US?
  11. Where are you? Let me guess.....Albury?
  12. Nah, south eastern Vic - Gippsland area. The Moondarra fires came close to the town I live in :amazed: . Stepped outside work at lunch and there were ash falling from the sky!
  13. Ahaha!! Yes! We ARE incredible and awesome!:lol: :lol: :lol: oh and so is my rouge B-bag!

    ~~SerenitySue awards Tanja with medal of astuteness and good taste~~:lol: :P
  14. Hahha...when I bought my Paddy, the slesgirl forgot to put the Chloe card inside. Its really bothered me, really!
    My husband said it just a piece of paper, but to me its not!!! So I called Chloe boutique and they post it to my house, that was relieved.hehe......
  15. Hi cal...I believe they are a bit more expensive in AU.