are u a romantic or a realist?

  1. Do you get all starry-eyed at the thought of moonlit walks on the beach, dinner by candlelight, and/or snuggling on the sofa watching old movies with a fire in the fireplace while it pours down rain outside? Or does romantic twaddle like that make you laugh like a hyena? Cards with poems in them or cards that poke fun at you for getting older? A dozen red roses or a gift certificate to Borders?

    just curious, part deux
  2. Oh my! Don't laugh! I am a hopeless romantic!!!! I love cards with poem, and the roses, and everything you mentioned! lol! My friends think I should wake up, because according to them I will not find someone that thinks like me!
  3. I'm 50/50...I use to be a romantic but, after 18 yrs of marriage, the realist side caught up. DH is more of a romantic than I am?!:upsidedown:
  4. im a hopeless romantic.. i really am love it all

    and thankfully so is sooooo sweet and so he really plays teh romantic part..
  5. Reading that made me laugh! :P :P That is the same thing my mom thinks! She has being married for 20 years.
  6. I'm a complete realist. I don't like roses, they die and drop petals everywhere. Sheesh.... :rolleyes:

    For our wedding, DH and I had trouble finding vows we could say with a straight face. Can't stand all that romantic stuff. I can put up with funny romantic, but not sappy romantic.
  7. :yes: I like you!
  8. That's me.
  9. I am a romantic...I try hard not to be becuase my SO is not. I keep telling myself it is all nonsense. But at heart I know I am a romantic.
  10. No romance here....roses die, cards get thrown away. Take me to a Stones concert or a walk along Michigan Avenue and I'm a happy girl!
  11. Romantic once in a while but I'm definitely more of a realist.
  12. Both, I have been married a long time.:rolleyes:
  13. Me too....not quite 18 years, yet. Will be 14 next month.

    DH often surpises me with flowers and notes tucked into my bag, pillow, etc.
    I know how lucky I am, so I do the same....but he is better at it than I...
  14. Hmmm, I want romantic things to happen, but I'm realistic that most of the time it'll never happen. lol
  15. 100% realist but also sentimental. Overly romantic stuff is a bit sickening to me... like that SATC episode with Carrie and the Russian!

    My BF however is an absolute hopeless romantic! Poor guy!