Are Twiggys still being made?

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    Are Twiggys still being made? I would love one and have found a 2010 Twiggy on Real Deal. I assumed the style was retired as it is not for sale on the Bal UK website, Im confused! :confused1:
  2. Yes, I believe it is still being produced. If Corey has it on her site, RealDealCollection, then it is the real thing.
  3. :yahoo: Thankyou! So glad they are not retired, although I do love the older colours too. Wonder why they're not on the Bal website then :thinking:
  4. ^ Was it ever on the Bal UK's website? I don't think I've ever seen the Twiggy style on the Bal US' website. I think they're only available through the boutiques.

    Definitely still in production as I've seen the newest 2011 S/S colors in the Twiggy style.
  5. Thankyou, will keep searching for my perfect Twiggy! meregirl, have you ordered from the US before? Im wondering about custom charges?
  6. Not sure what colour you are looking for, Bal. Paris has Twiggy in these colors:
    - Chataigne (medium brown)
    - Vert d'eau (sea water)
    - Framboise (Raspberry)
    - Pommier (apple tree)
  7. Yeap I confirm... I called the customer service, they said they will carry it online this season! can't wait!!!
  8. :yahoo::happydance::tup: